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  1. bob_the_baker

    Year Round Wines

    For the leaner months: Gorse flower is available all year round (if you don't mind having numb fingertips for a couple of days) Nettles can be found most times of the year as well (I was making nettle tea at last year's wintermoot) Bay Leaf wine is great for cooking with and available all year...
  2. bob_the_baker

    Packing ready...

    I've got an exam on Friday so not thinking past that at the moment. But I have decent checklist that I made after the first year and update after each event so I think a weekend should enough time to food shop and to pack.
  3. bob_the_baker

    Where are the butterflies?

    Seems to have picked up massively in the last week in the Swansea area. Even spotted a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth in the garden yesterday afternoon, which was nice.
  4. bob_the_baker

    Where to Buy Leather for Sheath's ?

    The last couple of orders I have made are from it's old school email and phone purchasing service, but I've been happy with it
  5. bob_the_baker

    Weird & Wonderful Signs

    Two from my household. I say nothing.
  6. bob_the_baker


    Having just spent a weekend running around wielding (fake) weapons, I can see the appeal of having a light and fast shield with good coverage. If all it did was ward off the first few sling stones, arrows and spears before getting destroyed by an axe, it's still worth carrying. Pretty amazing...
  7. bob_the_baker

    Foraged foods

    As a nice salad addition don't forget the Hairy Bittercress, it definitely packs a lot of flavour for such a small plant
  8. bob_the_baker

    WinterMoot 2019

    What a great event. I decided to go back to basics for this one, so job number 1: make a bed On top of the sticks was a blanket and a couple of hides, then the Czech bedroll and a couple more blankets on top. It was reasonably comfortable, but I think a sheepskin would have provided more...
  9. bob_the_baker

    What did you buy today?

    Given it a name yet? The Cursed Muramasa? Tyrfing? It will draw blood, trust me. (p.s. Fit a lanyard)
  10. bob_the_baker

    Winter Moot Game Preparation and Cooking.

    1. Wayne Jones. Deer, rabbit, pigeon. 2. Paul Smyth 3. Tony (goodjob Wayne!) 4. Matt (Lithril) 5. Ian P rabbit deer, pigeon 6. Andy (Broch) deer 7. Susannah Deer, pigeon. I'm interested in squirrel if you're bringing them Andy. 8. James: Deer, fish, (whatever works best please) 9. Ian...
  11. bob_the_baker

    Flavoured Vodka

    I always make a horseradish vodka (Khrenovukha) it's very warming on a winter's night. I also actively avoid Dean the Spoon's Chilli vodka which is beyond warming and is genuinely tear inducing. In a jar at the moment I also have some Chagga vodka, as yet untasted
  12. bob_the_baker

    Recommend me a Folding Campbed/Chair

    For when I'm ground dwelling near the car I have this one from Go Outdoors I find it very comfy and large enough for me (6 foot 3 and 15 stone)
  13. bob_the_baker

    WinterMoot 2019

    As my usual winter trip to Scotland has been cancelled this year the boss has told me I have to go to the WinterMoot instead. C U there :)
  14. bob_the_baker

    Best UK field guide to edible plants

    Richard Mabey - "Food For Free" comes in a pocket edition. If you are coastal then the River Cottage "Edible Seashore" or Fraser Christian's "Eat the Beach" I must confess to having a connection with the last author so may be slightly biased on that one
  15. bob_the_baker

    What did you buy today?

    Got myself a storm lantern with some vouchers I was given at Christmas
  16. bob_the_baker

    Fixed the billhook

    Yep, it's just this style of billhook, it is only sharp on the straight edge. I'm guessing that the way they lay a hedge in Hertfordshire has a lot of pulling involved
  17. bob_the_baker

    Fixed the billhook

    Well on my first day at the Autumnmoot the handle on my faithful Hertford pattern Billhook failed at the pin joint, while batoning of all things. So Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in the garden with some well seasoned ash, a hatchet and my knife.1 brass pin, abranet and some hemp oil...
  18. bob_the_baker

    Jacket or Smock?

    This is a real smock. Traditional Shepherds Smock from West England. It's called a Smock because the stye of embroidery was called smocking, it was not just decorative as it allowed the panels to stretch
  19. bob_the_baker

    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    I certainly enjoyed most of my 3 days relaxing. I didn't enjoy first thing Thursday morning too much though thanks to Dean's Carolina Reaper pizza Russian Roulette. Just a quick update on the large yellow staining mushroom that was quite common around the place, just checked up and it was...