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  1. launditch1

    Gas masks

    What sort of masks are they?I only ask because WW2 Civilian and Army issue Service masks both have Asbestos in the filters.
  2. launditch1

    Do You Know What This Is? Bit fun for a Sunday afternoon

    Interesting knife...I have one almost exactly the same but made by J.Nowill&sons...same jigged bone scales and Ali cross guard.Nice to hear it may have an Auxilary/HG connection. I also own another similar but slightly bigger and with Rosewood(?) scales. Id be interested to see the markings on...
  3. launditch1

    Soyer stove?

    Ill keep an eye...the last one I saw at was at an antiques fair in Norfolk.It was £30.We have two of them working at our living history events when the field kitchen is running.Had to get a new bowl made though as the old one tended to have blobs of solder at the bottom!It was minging anyway.
  4. launditch1

    RIP Rik Mayall

    Gutted to hear this.Comedy legend.Thanks for the laughs...
  5. launditch1

    Anybody made a rotary quern?

    Never made one but I have found one...Roman, made from Hertfordshire Puddingstone.I hit it with a hedgecutter years ago on a farm I worked on.
  6. launditch1

    More carboot tools

    So after turning the house upside I found the book!It is called a 'plumbers iron or 'Grozing iron'.This ancestor of the blowlamp was used for jointing lead sheet and pipes.After heating, it is held against the joint to keep the solder fluid while being wiped smooth. There are two types...
  7. launditch1

    More carboot tools

    The mystery tool on post #105 is a Plumbers tool..i cant find my old tool book to confirm exactly what its purpose was though..either something to do with pipe bending or soldering...i'll find the book sometime.
  8. launditch1

    More carboot tools

    I have enjoyed this thread immensely!iI can see you and I are kindred spirits!You have good luck finding the random militaria local carboot is a bit slow to get going this year but I am ever hopeful.The edge shaves are sharpened on an oil stone pointing the tool forwards.Push the tool...
  9. launditch1

    Wanted: Copper Saddlers rivets.

    I'm in need of four copper saddlers rivets..i cant remember the gauges but the head needs to be around 10mm across.These are the ones you place through the leather and then a washer/rove before hammering it.I can swop for some veg tan bits or upholstery leather...Thanks.
  10. launditch1

    Rarest flying thing seen today I'll wager!

    Great pics Red...A truly awesome machine!The last time I saw it was at the Nottingham AFD event last year.Got a good few flypasts..Brilliant!Ill be dragging the family along to Flying legends again this year. And as for shooting Enfields I had the privelege of shooting the long lee,and a no1...
  11. launditch1

    Wombling Collective?

    I like the sound of this!I cant think of anything i'm after off the top of my head but I do a fair amount of upholstery leather...
  12. launditch1

    Folding camp grill FS.

    Hmm...if it was done it would have to have removable padding..loops for the shoulder would want it not to sit to directly on your back..might chafe a bit!Curiously interesting idea!
  13. launditch1

    Tommy lighter - any info?

    Davis & Heaps of Birmingham is the maker of the right hand one.I think the dated ones are fairly rare...ive only seen one in the past 5 years..
  14. launditch1

    Tommy lighter - any info?

    Heres my two.The right hand one is Arrow marked on the lid.Both work after a new flint and cotton wool.You tend to find these buried in Antique shop cabinets.
  15. launditch1

    Crusader cup lids FS.

    All ordered lids will be sent out by the end of the week.Sorry to keep you all waiting! :)
  16. launditch1

    Tommy lighter - any info?

    Believe it or not there was an actual army issue one of these..I have one that is dated 1944 with the broad arrow /I\ mark.Never seen the pipe lighter version..not too common.
  17. launditch1

    Canvas Bed roll project ,,,,,,Beware its in BLUE .....

    Nice looking project!I'm loving the vintage singer too :)
  18. launditch1

    Overnighter in a cave, Norway.

    Looks ace!What a place to go...did you find any Trolls? :)
  19. launditch1

    wanted green survival bag and green reflective space blanket

    I think I might have a green backed survival blanket..well I say survival blanket its actually a US army issue casualty blanket..same sorta thing?Foil one side, green the other.If that's any good to you i'll dig it out.
  20. launditch1

    Hello again...

    They have?..Hows yours going Red?