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  1. Wayne

    Shave horse, scruffy but it works.

    Nice shave horse. I need to make a few more for the woods.
  2. Wayne

    Moot 2020 Is it or is it not

    Forestknights will be supporting the Bushmoot this summer as usual. Unless Boris tells us we cant. My income is totally derived from the Bushcraft courses we run. So my income has gone to zero. Business expenses are almost the same. its a very stressful time for a lot of us small businesses...
  3. Wayne

    Free Open University Courses.

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like some interesting courses there.
  4. Wayne

    Sussex Bushcraft Club April Meet.

    Hi All. No big surprise really but unless there is a dramatic turn of events April’s gathering is cancelled. I'm hopeful that May's event will happen but it’s beyond our control. Watch for more announcements on here and out Facebook Page.
  5. Wayne

    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    It is theft. If I catch someone stealing from my woods I will call the police and insist that the thief is charged. How would you like me to help myself to your garden plants? Dead wood is not waste its a valuable habitat and if its not your wood then it doesnt belong to you. I cannot...
  6. Wayne

    Beginner Attempts at Carving

    You're making a good start. Well done. Don’t forget to keep posting. Will be great to watch your skills grow.
  7. Wayne

    Recommendations For (wood) Carving Blanks

    I would befriend your local tree surgeons. They’re often a great source of green wood. Yandles at Martock are fairly cheap for seasoned woods and tools.
  8. Wayne

    Sussex Bushcraft Clubs March Meet.

    Hi all. Don’t forget the monthly meets of the Sussex Bushcraft Club based near Arundel. Set in 250 acres of ancient woodland. for more information
  9. Wayne

    WinterMoot Photographs Required

    Here is a link to my photos. Beth and I were a little busy to take many im afraid.
  10. Wayne

    Neck Knife

    Looks like a nice tool. I’d be interested in. I don’t own any of your requested swaps. So if you dont get any takers perhaps you could think of something I might have that’s useful to you.
  11. Wayne

    Winter Moot 2020 - 17 - 23rd Feb

    It was a pleasure to organise some of the cooking at the winter moot again this year. hot smoked Garlic. We will be doing more smoking preserving and curing next year.
  12. Wayne

    Wintermoot recipes

    Good idea. I’m happy to post any of the recipes we used during the week. Most of the food cooked was fairly simple. It was technique we wanted to explore.
  13. Wayne

    Sold Clearout 3 Canoe Pack

    Please remember not to edit out the price once a product is sold. The information is useful to those browsing the site. As per the forum selling rules
  14. Wayne

    Trip Report Full Xmas dinner in the woods.

    Looks great. We did a fully christmas feast in the woods on saturday for the Solstice.
  15. Wayne

    Stove build - If only I had the skills............

    That's a nice looking package. I probably didn't need to know they exist. :)
  16. Wayne

    Planning Permission Advice needed.

    I will not bore you all with the rather long back story but the museum that I use for my craft courses has decided that in its infinite wisdom that the Greenwood Village now requires planning permission. Each of the structures are temporary buildings no foundations etc. Wood construction with...
  17. Wayne

    Finland May 2018.

    We have a couple of places left on our June 2020 trip to Finland. If you book before the end of December we will give you 10% discount. To secure your booking we only require £100 deposit.
  18. Wayne

    Mors Kochanski - Sad News

    Mors was a very talented bushcrafter and wood carver. Beyond that he was a gentleman and genuinely liked people. This shone through all his teaching. We have lost a founding father and world is a less colourful for it.
  19. Wayne

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 October Heat

    Some lovely photos. Great idea for a theme. Seems to have inspired folk.
  20. Wayne

    Starting a new job!

    Congratulations John. I know your were a tad worried about work. Looks like a job you’re well suited to.