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  1. zornt

    Making a Will

    Contact an attorney for help. Far easiest way to do it. Make a list of what you have and who you want it to go to. Pick an executor to handle your estate. I believe there are on line tutorials to help you do it yourself. Make sure to have it modernised and filed with the appropriate court Authority.
  2. zornt

    Free Open University Courses.

    Thank you.
  3. zornt

    Free Open University Courses.

    Does anyone know if these are available to those of us across the pond or is it just a UK Commonwealth only? Thanks in advance. Jon
  4. zornt

    Dealing with Boils

    A remedy my family uses is to put a piece of bacon ( you all call this streaky bacon) on it with a bit of salt. Then cover it with a band aid ( sticking plaster) it should draw it out in a few days. There is a product called ictheol sp? A black drawing salve that works well also.
  5. zornt

    Forum down time this Friday, 13th march

    Thanks for the heads up. Hope everything goes smoothly. Jon
  6. zornt

    Big Hugs from Hemel

    Hello and welcome from across the pond.. Jon
  7. zornt

    Butter Knife

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  8. zornt

    Plastic Projects

    Lots of tutorials on u tube and Pinterest for making corsage from plastic bottles. It could be branded into larger strands and weaved into baskets or other containers.
  9. zornt

    Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas to all my BCUK friends.
  10. zornt

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends on BCUK from across the pond. Jon
  11. zornt

    Latest Whittles

    As always amazing and inspiring. Thanks. Jon
  12. zornt

    Hello from peak district and how to post in swap shop?

    I believe you have to be a full member ( paid subscription) to do so.
  13. zornt

    Mors Kochanski - Sad News

    Prayers and smoke sent for him. He is truly a great man.
  14. zornt

    Good use for blackberries

    PIE enough said!!!!!!! Deep dish hand pies regular with lattice tops. Like I said PIE!!!!!!!
  15. zornt

    Hello from the Ribble Valley

    Welcome from across the pond.
  16. zornt

    Sorry for the down time today

    You do a great job taking care of the Forum. I know it takes long hours and much work to keep it up to the great standards you have.. Thanks for all of your hard work. Guess it would be proper to say to you. " go and have yourself a ( beverage of your choice), you have certainly earned it!!!" Jon
  17. zornt


    Welcome from across the pond..
  18. zornt

    Salad servers

    That grain structure is amazing. Truly a work that will be enjoyed for ages.
  19. zornt


    Welcome from across the pond. You are going to love it here.
  20. zornt

    Confession is good for the soul.

    My sharpening skills are almost nonexistent. I do Not like to handle a fish. Love to fish but have to use a glove to unhook them. My carving skills need a lot of improvement too. Jon