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    Tactical Equipment

    Getting back on topic - lots of us wear clothes or have items from 5.11 Tactical who make items not just for forces or police.
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    Candle making

    Very impressive and thank you for sharing
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    I personally wear an Arktis smock - a few on ebay at the moment.
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    Woodland Custodianship

    I have a Weeping Willow tree, so can I take cuttings and plant them in the ground or is the wrong type of Willow to do this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    RIP David Bellamy

    A fond memory from my childhood too.
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    Black bacon experiment

    I would eat it!!!
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    Planning Festivals/shows/events

    Wilderness Gathering for me every time. I went to the Bushcraft show this year and it was not as friendly as the Wilderness Gathering - still good but you did ask our opinions!
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    Survival Skills without camping?

    As I was about to post very similar as above!
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    For Sale Arktis Side Pouches

    I think I saw some on flebay recently. Always worth a look.
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    For Sale Arktis Danish Rain Jacket XXL

    Thursday bump
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    Arktis coat

    I have looked at doing the same but with a smock too. I have a SASS Cop vest which is great but a collectors item now.
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    Arktis coat

    Interestingly they have made a vest for Palace which looks similar to the old SASS Cop Vest. Now I would consider buying one but not at £150!! See or
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    For Sale Arktis Danish Rain Jacket XXL

    Hi Pit to pit is: 27' Shoulder to Hem is: 31'
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    Bushcraft / Scout webbing setup

    @C_Claycomb Thank you for this article very interesting. I think it is a bit like the Arktis Allen belt system back in the day for organizing your kit. I am certainly happy with the chest rig system and it fits well on the side of a shelter or along side me under the basha.
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    Arktis coat

    I have a B310 wore it to work today - a great coat.
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    Bushcraft / Scout webbing setup

    I was googling webbing and this thread came up and I thought might as well see if anyone else bought one since 2017 I bought a chest rig and have found it very useful when setting up camp etc and then like the original poster hang it up by the shelter as I get organised. My rig was from eBay...
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    First indoor fire of the year :)

    My fire going well as I type!
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    For Sale Arktis Danish Rain Jacket XXL

    Weekend bump