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  1. bobnewboy

    Making Hand Sanitizer / Hand Rub

    Watched & liked :)
  2. bobnewboy

    Your picture of the day...

    A picture from the hedgerow today: A recently hatched wood pigeon squab. I had previously noticed a woodpigeon landing clumsily on the side of our hedge, and while out in the garden today I found where they had been going. He/she looks to be only a couple of days old, eyes still closed, and...
  3. bobnewboy

    Wooden Trekking Pole

    Yep, that would work but remember that a cue isn’t really designed for any kind of side thrust/force. They are however often made of ash and a hardwood, so as you say it might be well worth a go in shortening a secondhand one.
  4. bobnewboy

    Wooden Trekking Pole

    Hmmm, wooden pole with qualities: light; strong; foldable/demountable. I think in this case its a case of perm any two from the three requirements. In this light modern materials are very hard to beat. I suppose that a wooden stick could be made in two halves, with a threaded piece of studding...
  5. bobnewboy

    corona virus projects any one?

    That is a great piece of work! An inspiration to us all.
  6. bobnewboy

    Shave horse, scruffy but it works.

    Looks good. What is the opinion on putting a piece of leather under or around the top rod to help with gripping the workpiece?
  7. bobnewboy

    Stick Making and Identification

    Definitely hazel. The best finish is whatever you have handy, from boiled linseed oil, varnish, wax and so on.
  8. bobnewboy

    Shave Horse

    Looking good. I have been considering making one for myself, so I’ll be watching this one.
  9. bobnewboy

    The scent of nostalgia

    Oh, that’s another one for me. I associate that scent with my time spent living and working in Stockholm - cold, dry, bright blue winter skies, plenty of snow, and the all-pervading smell of kanelbullar in many of the Tunnelbana (underground) stations. Fantastic little cinnamon buns, so good...
  10. bobnewboy

    corona virus projects any one?

    Here's a little project that the missus and I have done in the last few days......Its a fireplace screen, to put into the grate while the fire isn't being used. Herself made the glass screen, and I made the stand/frame. The glass is leaded round the bottom and the sides, but all other joints...
  11. bobnewboy

    The scent of nostalgia

    Its Play-Doh for me. The smell of it immediately takes me back to a very happy childhood.
  12. bobnewboy

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    We tried them from the garden, and from several hedgerows, but none of them were much good. Im hoping for better this year :)
  13. bobnewboy

    corona virus projects any one?

    Paint the ends of the staves, and if possible the 'back' surface with some kind of sealant. PVA glue or cheap left over gloss paint, or melted wax if you have it. It slows down the drying, but it helps avoiding drying cracks. It would be removed on doing the rest of the bow work. You can also...
  14. bobnewboy

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    No, I'm afraid not. We moved down to Somerset in August 2018, so too late (and too busy! :) ) to forage anything at all. If it is just a matter of the weather causing the blandness, then hopefully we will be covered for this year, as there were loads around last year. Plus of course, our new...
  15. bobnewboy

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    Dunno about blackberry leaves, but on last year’s experience the fruits have little or no flavour round here (Somerset/Devon border), compared to those I’ve picked and eaten in Surrey. We have even gone as far as planting a commercial blackberry bush in our fruit cage to get some fruit with the...
  16. bobnewboy

    Gorse Infused Panna Cotta with a Gorse Citrus Sauce.

    Looks great ! Yum yum. I think that pannacotta always needs an acidic sauce with it to cut through the creaminess. Nice job.
  17. bobnewboy

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 March Heat

    Here's my attempt: 'Frost on wood grain' Cheers, Bob
  18. bobnewboy

    Beowulf - A new treasure.

  19. bobnewboy

    Exercise in covid-19 lockdown

    Gardening. Then tending the veg / fruit cage and greenhouse. Then archery practice in the garden - backs out onto a 25 acre field of rapeseed plants. Then walks around the fields and lanes. Catapult practice to keep the greys away from our bird feeders :). Plenty to be getting on with...Indoors...
  20. bobnewboy

    Simple, home made, soap making tutorial

    We live between four farmhouses who sell eggs, from those with honesty boxes through to one place with a chilled automatic vending machine. They are always restocked daily throughout the year, so there’s no shortage around here. We have found that if you get known fresh eggs, from a local farm...