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  1. tartanferret


    I get mine from Wickes
  2. tartanferret

    hello from Nottingham

    Hi from Barnsley Mac :)
  3. tartanferret

    Hello I am A Yorkshireman

    Hello from South Yorkshire :)
  4. tartanferret

    I won!

    Well done Hamish !
  5. tartanferret

    Aluminium beer bottles wanted

    Try again Max, see if it works now mate
  6. tartanferret

    Aluminium beer bottles wanted

    If you want the actual bottles, drop me a pm Max,
  7. tartanferret

    Aluminium beer bottles wanted

    I've got some but you can buy knock-off Sigg bottles from Poundland.
  8. tartanferret

    Something new from Morakniv

    I could use one of those, are they available yet?
  9. tartanferret

    How small do British army bivvi bags pack?

    There's a pic of mine at post #34 on this thread, two different types of bag. Not packed with a sleeping bag inside though. :)
  10. tartanferret

    Practical survival kit.

    Nifty little things, not seem them before ! :)
  11. tartanferret

    Practical survival kit.

    As transport seems to be an issue, how about some pieces of porcelain from a spark plug? Could help rescue yourself or rescue someone else. It does work! Although someone once told me the police may treat it as going equipped for theft. Don't keep 'em in a ziplok bag neither or you may "crack"...
  12. tartanferret

    New Snugpak Cocoon vs quilt and under blanket

    I used to lust over buying a Peapod / Snugpak cocoon, or making my own but I wouldn't go down that route now having used an underquilt. What sleeping bag would you intend on using? and can you use a sewing machine?
  13. tartanferret

    Happy Birthday Xylaria

    Happy Birthday, have a great day !:)
  14. tartanferret

    One and all... How do you do.

    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  15. tartanferret

    Hello from Cheshire, UK.

    Hello and welcome to the forum aj :)
  16. tartanferret

    HI from teesside

    Hi Ian and welcome to the forum :)
  17. tartanferret

    Hi from hull.

    Welcome to BCUK :)
  18. tartanferret

    Britton wood meet January 22nd-24th

    By adding your name to the list you are acknowledging that you have read all of post one and the above. If possible could you let us know what dates you'll be here for. Big Si MattF Jim (hopefully Fri-Sun) Tartanferret
  19. tartanferret


    Welcome to the forum :)
  20. tartanferret

    Happy Birthday copper_head.

    Happy Birthday Kit, have a great day ! :beerchug: