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  1. redandshane

    Leica ultravid 10x25

    e mail sent
  2. redandshane

    Refugee from BB

    Hi welcome I was on BB as well
  3. redandshane

    Gloves for around Camp

    French army leather gloves £5.50 on Military Mart look OK
  4. redandshane

    SAK Guarantee

    I am sure I have told you this before but anyway
  5. redandshane

    Xmas Knife Bonanza......Big reductions

    Offer incoming for the Lionsteel
  6. redandshane

    Gunked up SAK

    As Magentus has rightly stated warm water with detergent in it, scrub with brush and open the tools and closee them a few times dry as thoroughly as possible and apply some oil or WD 40 and keep in a different place in future
  7. redandshane

    In the market for a brew/cooking kit

    This is a good stove at a great price
  8. redandshane

    Links Only
  9. redandshane


    There a few people who take on apprentices this one is local to me (Bath} might be worth having a chat with Tim
  10. redandshane

    Hammock LED omnidirectional glow light red Is what you will eventually buy
  11. redandshane

    Your Winter 2016 Cold Weather Layering System

    Worn yesterday in Wales minus 5 degrees Alpkit Merino wool long sleeved baselayer, Jack Wolfskin micro fleece and Buffalo top 2 pairs socks both wool, Brasher Hillmaster boots generic long johns from e bay and Rohan bags Karrimor synthetic cycling beanie and Barbour baseball type cap...
  12. redandshane

    14 days of survival in the taiga

    Best report I have seen for a while;thanks for sharing it with us. I persomally would have been mighty frustrated about a huge portion of protien swimming around right beside me and being unable to access it.Just out of interest how did you get a fire going?
  13. redandshane

    Today's skip find

    Now that is a good skip find; I would be really pleased if I found a working grinder!!! Well done
  14. redandshane

    Moot 2015 Shelter building workshop - Shelters from stoneage to modern age

    We used the shelter witha desert basha on to shelter from rain on the last night worked perfectly A brilliant project Oh and the photos aint bad either !!
  15. redandshane

    eating stuff - canteen, mess tins

    I will take the Stainless mess tins PM me yer paypal
  16. redandshane

    A modern Good Life?

    Jeez load of middle class rubbish the length of the article is a give away I know loads of people who live an alternative lifestyle You know its failing when you have too write for the media
  17. redandshane

    British army Bergen

    Buying a British army Bergen is definitely a good move They are bombproof and easily fixed and modified to carry whatever you want Are there no army surplus stores near you where you could actually inspect the Bergen before buying ? failing that try seeing what come up on here in the...
  18. redandshane

    Bushcraft show 2015

    Mid Wales Bushcraft Show this coming weekend a much more low key affair Should be fun
  19. redandshane

    Anyone know anywhere one can legally wild camp in south western England?

    Contact Ivan at Dartmoor Bushcraft they are on facebook