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  1. J

    Anyone tried these Pods or this campsite ?

    Not tried the pods but stayed at the site in our bell tent, i can highly recommend it! Basic but everything you need and the guy was was really nice and helpful! I had a look in the pods and the yurts while i was there, I dont think the pods had burners in but the yurts did! hope this helps!
  2. J

    Nice accessory for Frontier stove?

    Haha haha :D Reyt, am tekin ar kes and me kettle an gewin ome if thas gonna be like that!
  3. J

    Nice accessory for Frontier stove?

    I bought a Mora instead of your RM jobby, does the same thing as the RM and with the £390 odd quid i saved i bought the kettle and loads of other kit I didn't need :p:p:p:p :lmao:
  4. J

    Nice accessory for Frontier stove?

    I have one to, there great but the tap on mine either leaks or if i tighten it up enough to stop the leak, it gets to tight to turn when it all gets hot!
  5. J

    Scotland trip.. Advice please

    Wow!! Thanks guys, Mike and JohnC, both of those spots look fantastic, but I think it will be a bit to far for us this time, Thanks Filterhoose, I think Loch Tummel is the favourite so far and it doesn't look to far from Loch Rannoch either so we could check both places before choosing one. Any...
  6. J

    Scotland trip.. Advice please

    Hi everyone, I am trying to plan another Scotland trip for me, my better half and our two dogs, mid september and wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere? ................ Ok tough one haha,,, let me narrow it down a bit, we will be going for 4 nights and and we have done Loch Chon and...
  7. J

    Waterstone and Leather Strop Field Sharpening Kits - June 2012

    Its time I stopped lookin' and started buyin'! PM sent,
  8. J

    Thank you Al & Joel...

    Great day out! Great company and a really nice place to paddle! Glad that the weather didn't spoil it and excellent work with the bow drill to both of you, hard work in such wet conditions! You know your good when you can find suitable materials on the side of a river on a day like today and...
  9. J

    Win an Aclima Lightwool merino shirt here!

    Great offer, count me in :) thanks lurch! Joely
  10. J

    Everyone else is doing it,............

    Nice one Stu! Looks like you had a good trip! My first attempt at a spoon resulted in one half of a pair of chopsticks :( and there you are knocking out spirals and and kuksa :)
  11. J

    Amsteel Group buy Payment Instructions.

    Mine is here to :) :) :) Thanks for sorting this Pete, :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:You_Rock_
  12. J

    Housleek for bites, stings, cuts, scrapes, and burns

    Thanks Scipio, I'll see if I can find some and give it a go, don't knock it 'till you've tried it and all that... Any Ideas on anything for hayfever? thanks, Joel
  13. J

    So where did you get to ?

    Absolutely Fantastic Treefrog thanks for sharing! I really like the look of the tent, how did you rate it? I was up at Chon for my first Scotland trip with the noo last week which was quiet to. Lomand on the other hand was quite busy! Cheers, Joel
  14. J

    Easter at Brockwell Woods

    Thanks for the pics Mark! Did you wake up in the middle of the night, scared and gasping for air after spooning claire in your sleep but dreaming it was Raikey? :rofl: seriously, nice to see you getting out there though, Joel
  15. J

    Long weekend in wales

    Nice pics thanks for sharing! That camp does look comfy :) joel
  16. J

    7 days in Scotland, one extreme to the other very pic heavy

    So here are a few more pics... Making the bread... And This Is as good as the bread got... went for a paddle and left it to long and it burnt :(
  17. J

    7 days in Scotland, one extreme to the other very pic heavy

    Thanks for the comments guys, I'll post a few more pics now.. Hiya Rob, Its an Apache 16ft, Its fibreglass which makes it light and it paddles great, (from my limited canoe experience) I bought the fibreglass hull and sorted the rest out myself so its quite personal. I had wondered about...
  18. J

    7 days in Scotland, one extreme to the other very pic heavy

    Haha, They were absolutely great Rich, perfect! Thanks again for that :) I have some more pics that i'm sorting through now so will post a few more up soon! Thanks for looking everyone Joel
  19. J

    7 days in Scotland, one extreme to the other very pic heavy

    Here are a some pics from my trip up to Scotland last week. I have been waiting for the chance to get up there for a while I finally got a week free and managed to convince the wife to come along to although this came at a price! :rolleyes: The deal was 7 days in scotland, three and a half...
  20. J

    Greetings from Leeds

    Reet thats it, am sick thee stu! al set ar Jud on thee if tha carrys on!