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    Places to practice our skills???

    Thank you I will have a read and see what I can find regards mark
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    Places to practice our skills???

    Hi woodspirts, whats the "group" option? Sorry if I'm making this difficult regards
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    Places to practice our skills???

    Does anyone know of suitable places to practice basic skills near Rugby Warwickshire? Place for a quiet brew up, small fire, night out away from prying eyes or unwanted attention. Regards mark
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    Urban Bushcraft site

    What is the urban bushcraft site?
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    Day pack with side pockets

    I got one of these for £18:50 delivered. Then a trip to RTI in Lutterworth several molle pouches and an issue tent pole side pouch later £32:00 total £51:00 for a bombproof pack
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    First attempt at a water distillery

    I'll try both and get back too you
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    First attempt at a water distillery

    Thank you, ill give that a go and repost if people are interested regards chinook
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    Wood Stoves -- Turkish Style
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    First attempt at a water distillery

    It didn't work I think 6mm copper pipe might be too tight. Any ideas for a usable field distillery would be very useful.
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    Your day out in the woods bags/kits

    Guys would you be good enough to show off your day out kits and your 24hour + kits im looking for ideas and suggestions for building mine regards chinook
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    Bushcraft trouser ideas please help

    I'd love a pair of those 5.11's for work and bushcraft, thank you for the ideas guys regards
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    Bushcraft trouser ideas please help

    £35 ish..... Would pay more if there is a good reason too.
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    Bushcraft trouser ideas please help

    Guys and girls im looking for decent comfortable trousers for playing in the woods, or the back garden, My requirements 1. Must have strong knees (waterproof would be ideal) 2. take a 2 inch belt 3. Rip stop 4. Camp fire safe. Regards
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    Wood Stoves -- Turkish Style

    I sow this and it prompted me to get my Turkish stove out, I brought it back around 4 years ago and have never used it, only paid about £7 at the local market for it six pints boiling away in around 10/15 mins. Took a couple of pics but got no idea how or it I can upload them from iPhone.
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    Desert cam packs

    British army PLCE doesn't take dye, due to materials/coatings must people spray painted kit or got it dirty/sun bleached. The packs are very good and comfortable Regards
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    still for swap any takers
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    Desert Kit - hammock, boots, clothes

    hi got a desert dpm basha for swap regards chinook220 (off the net for a week as of midday)
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    still available :cool:
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    Daystate vs BSA vs Weihrauch?

    Daystate, expensive but you get what you pay for. There customer service is also top notch happy MK3 owner regards chinook
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    civil enforcement officer??

    guys stop worrying about CEO's (unless you don't pay to park your car, in which case they will bleed you dry!!!!) that report over egged the role and position of CEO's as it makes everyone think they are somthing new when in fact its just a new name for an old job. Anyone can: 1. Call...