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  1. Muddy Boots

    To Infinity and Beyond.

    Ok guys I'm looking for recommendations on the following destinations. Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, Oz, Lima, USA and Canada. I'm planning a trip and am after places / experiences or recommendation in these countries. Things to see, places to visit, your...
  2. Muddy Boots

    Squadron of Spitfires found

    Saw this on another forum and thought it might be of interest over here
  3. Muddy Boots

    Midland Game Fair

    Right who's going then?
  4. Muddy Boots

    Happy birthday chad sasquatch!!

    Happy Birthday mate. Hope you have a great day eh!
  5. Muddy Boots

    Posting pictures from Iphone to forum.

    As title really. I'd like to know if there is a way to post directly from phone album to forum without using photobucket or similar? Any help appreciated.
  6. Muddy Boots

    A tick in life's box

    I went for a swim in the sea with my Dad today. I turned 40 this year. My Dad is nearly 70. I just felt it was note worthy. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks but sometimes it takes an older dog to teach him. I've nothing more to add.
  7. Muddy Boots

    Iceland - help needed.

    Ok I'm considering a trip to Iceland and need a starting point. Recommendations of places to visit, stay and things to see. The trip is likely to be sometime over the next couple of months. It's not particularly Bushcrafty this one more a sight seeing, whale watching, Northern lights kinda...
  8. Muddy Boots

    As I walk along. I wonder what went wrong........Sweden (Picci heavy)

    Sormlandsleden Well it had to happen at some point and this was the trip. Having had two very successful trips to Finland and Norway I figured it was about time to check out Sweden. My route was taken from this website: I...
  9. Muddy Boots

    Photo question

    Ok so I've taken a few photos of recent trips out and I wanna get a few printed to make framed pictures. They were taken with a vi res from what I remember. I don't have a colour printer at home or work. Any suggestions and an idea of costs on printing please or recommendations on...
  10. Muddy Boots

    Happy Birthday Chad. Nice one Eh!

    Happy birthday buddy have a great day mate. :red:
  11. Muddy Boots

    Solo 4 day trip to Oslo (Picture heavy yarp)

    First off my heart felt condolences to the victims of the recent bomb and shootings. I've been pacing the walls since I got back from Finland and needed to get out for some exploring hence the need for this trip. First up some old bag sat at the airport The rocket pouch you can see zips...
  12. Muddy Boots

    Rovaniemi - Finland

    Ok guys, Finally on the official count down to the week trip. Just after a little local knowledge if anyone can help. We are hitting Rovaniemi airport at late afternoon on a saturday. The thought is to head into Rovaniemi itslef and get provisions in the form of fresh food and...
  13. Muddy Boots

    How much??????!!!!! £1845 to stay in a Yurt at Download - man are you sure? I have nothing further to add. Well maybe Two Grand to see Def Leppard. That is all. Thank you.
  14. Muddy Boots

    Water purification. An idiots guide please

    Ok so background first I'm heading to Finland in May / June for a week. Research on the net suggests that the water in this part of the world (Artic Hiking Centre) is potable and safe to drink. I'm sure it is but as I'm not going to risk it I need some advice on water purification. In...
  15. Muddy Boots

    House Chimney Question

    Ok so it's time to start uising the wood burning fire at home and I've run into a problem. Yesterday whilst sweeping out the chimeny the brush has detached from the end of the pole and is lodged in the chimney. The Chimney is clear as at present other than the brush being stuck somewhere...
  16. Muddy Boots

    Lavvu, Tipi, Yurt, Bell Tent - advice, help wanted.

    Hi guys, Right over the last couple of months I have been searching for a winter tent. I looked into Tipis, Bell Tents and Lavvus. I've set a budget on this of between £200 and £250 My research so far has led me to a couple of UK suppliers of the Yurt type Bell Tent. These include...
  17. Muddy Boots

    DD Hammocks

    I have recently purchsed a DD XL Tarp from DD Hammocks and I can honestly say I can not be more impressed with the quality of the item, the speed of delivery and the communication from their sales team. I have previously purchased a Hammock from them and again having used it am more than...
  18. Muddy Boots

    Rambo 3

    Not as good as the first one is it!
  19. Muddy Boots

    The burning question.

    Righty as I'm planning a summer of joining a couple of mates in the deepest darkest West Mids I've been thinking about ways of stopping the blood sucking vampires from pinching all the fun out of it. (Er Mozzies here not the lads I'm going with that is.) I know Old Uncle Ray in the past has...
  20. Muddy Boots

    It's the friday pub count down!!!

    7 hours to go........