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    Pocket carry

    Subbed. Good luck with the channel Sam.
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    Puukko advice

    One of my personal favourite "user" knives is my Helle Eggen. In over 17 years of use, I've never been able to get a decent spark from a ferro rod using my particular knife. As a result I carry a couple of lighters when using the Eggen. Dave
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    Source of good pine tar soap?

    I swear by Grandpa's soap. I get mine from Ray. It really seems to help with any skin problems. Dave
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    Safely splitting wood with thin knives

    Yes Broch, a wooden bludgeon, or sometimes a soft faced mallet, never anything metal. Dave
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    Safely splitting wood with thin knives

    There's an excellent video on YouTube by More Kochanski which demonstrates the use of wooden wedges very nicely. Just to mix things up a bit, I sometimes "bludgeon" an axe. Dave
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    SAK id please

    No problem, that's a "Climber" Dave
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    Mors Kochanski - Sad News

    I never met him, but I've spent many hours in his company, thanks to the marvellous videos he had put on Youtube, and learnt so much from him. He will be missed for sure. My deepest sympathies go to his family and friends. RIP.
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    hard wearing wellies that will last

    I've given up on the expensive types. I now get Dunlops from a local market for about £12 a pair. I tend to get about 18 months out of them before they split. Far from fancy, but it works for me. Dave
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    Mors Kochanski - Sad News

    I've never been lucky enough to meet Mors, but I have read his book countless times and spent many a lunch break watching his youtube videos over and over again. I have learnt so much from this very talented and knowledgable man. I feel so sad and unsettled by this news. My thoughts are...
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    Beating - any gaffes to avoid etc?

    In no particular order, and in addition to what has been said before: Wear rubber boots (cheap wellies will do to start with). A lightweight waterproof is good - quiet colours of course. Do what the keeper says. Be prepared to walk and work hard, you can easily do 5 to 10 miles in a day. Find...
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    Off road newbie.

    Remember to securely fix heavy old lumps like hi-lift jacks etc so they can't go flying around inside the vehicle and cause damage or injury when/if it all goes wrong. Dave
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    Single AAA torch options?

    A little LED lenser works a treat for me. Has become my go to torch in the last 12 months or so.
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    Bilhooks - anyone use them?

    I use a Morris made Newton pattern myself, and have a bulldog brand one, which is for lending. Great tools, very versatile.
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    Change to the law on bird pest control

    I once found 73 peas in the crop of just one single wood pigeon. That should give some idea of what they can consume.
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    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    Every Landrover I've ever parted with, and most of the air rifles! Glad I still have my TD5 90, and my 1983 Fwb 124 Mk2. Dave
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    cooking tuna in its tin

    I think I've seen something similar to this in a survival book somewhere. They used a cotton wool wick inserted into a tin of sardines in oil, burned the thing as a lamp, then ate the warmed thru sardines. Never tried it though.
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    Beach bum has passed away.

    Another good man lost. My sympathies go to his loved ones.
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    Shane Rimmer RIP

    Sad news. I've always adored Thunderbirds.
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    Part 3 of my review on the Woodlore Fundamental Bushcraft course - Lochside

    Smashing write up. Thanks for going to the trouble of writing it all up. I did this course myself about 15 years ago, although not in Scotland, you brought back some great memories for me. Dave
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    Hi-lift jack spares

    You might try Paddock Spares - they sell Hi-lift type jacks, along with loads of other goodies!