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  1. Rabid

    Folding saw - cheap might not get much use

    Our Lidl has got them in at the moment £2.99
  2. Rabid

    Crannog bag crazy

    As always your work is incredible.
  3. Rabid

    Sold Erebus. The story of a ship by Michael Palin

    I'll take this as well.
  4. Rabid

    Hudson Bay Tobacco Tin Repair

    Try contacting Hudson Bay they will have come across this problem before and have the simplest cheapest solution.
  5. Rabid


    Very nice approx how many hours work?
  6. Rabid

    Look what I just picked up.

    £4 I hope you haggled:)
  7. Rabid

    Sold set of three John D. McCann survival/reliance books

    I'll take them for £15 please
  8. Rabid

    For Sale bushcraft knife olive wood

    SWMBO would cut of essential parts of my body with it if I did.
  9. Rabid

    Dandelion jelly

    My other half makes dandelion marmalade its called dandelade and tastes absolutely incredible.
  10. Rabid

    Sold Snugpak Elite pile shirt / Smock -Now £43-

    We could really use some photos please
  11. Rabid

    Sold Kitanica 2 Way Fleece. Wolf Grey. XL.

    Has this been sold?
  12. Rabid

    How do I reattach steel bracket?

    Contact tatonka they might be able to help with a repair or exchange.
  13. Rabid

    Sold Hill People Gear Tarahumara Pack

    Mmmm I wish but my wife would execute me.
  14. Rabid

    First one of 2019

    Breathtaking those colours look so good together.
  15. Rabid

    Trees of Scotland satchel.

    A thing of beauty, Sir you are truly a master of working with leather.
  16. Rabid

    Survival tin kit.

    PM Sent
  17. Rabid

    Knife clearout - all sold

    SPEW arrived safely:wideyed::spitoutdummy::)
  18. Rabid

    For Sale Knives for sale.

    F57 please PM inbound