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  1. nevetsjc80

    Bush-craft Quotes (please add your own)

    the early bird catches the worm..... but the lazy mouse gets the cheese!
  2. nevetsjc80

    My Snugpack Setup.... Pic Heavy

    zarkwon, hate to be boring but where did you get those pyramid shaped milk? is it uht milk?
  3. nevetsjc80

    Birch sap rising near me

    yeah me too. put a tap in yesterday in buckinghamshire plenty of sap:)
  4. nevetsjc80

    Razor strop fungus

    I have just got a large Razor strop fungus to make a razor strop. Might sound like a stupid question, but i take it its just a case of drying it, cutting in into a rectangle and gluing in to a board? steve
  5. nevetsjc80

    RARE Bear Grylls olive rucksack for trade

    Yep im also swindon born and bread, and i dont trust myself!
  6. nevetsjc80

    Weekend Bushcraft Course

    im from swindon, i was nt aware of any near swindon shows what you learn on here:)
  7. nevetsjc80

    What makes one a gentleman?

    someone who has a cane, although could then be confused with a pimp... better be a sword-cane:)
  8. nevetsjc80

    The best kit from each army in your opinion

    Biscuit browns:)
  9. nevetsjc80

    cold feet

    just because its sub zero dose nt mean everything in frozen 0 degrees is the point ice melts not water freezes
  10. nevetsjc80

    aussie water bottle case

    cheers guys as long as mine the same im happy
  11. nevetsjc80

    aussie water bottle case

    thought id save a few pennies and brought a aussie bottle case from ebay rather than anywhere esle as it was a good price, Its genuine but when i got it, it smelt like it had been through the wash. as it has a woolen like liner i wonder if it has shunk slightly. So my question is, How well does...
  12. nevetsjc80

    My First Bug Out Bag :) Opinions please

    Oh! i just know i ll be sat on the loo, at work when that happens. Do people carry these bags with them all the time then??
  13. nevetsjc80

    My First Bug Out Bag :) Opinions please

    whats a bug out bag?
  14. nevetsjc80

    Swedish foot wraps

    Cheers for the great response guys i ve emailed a couple of swedish store
  15. nevetsjc80

    Swedish foot wraps

    cheers paul Like the new blog mate!
  16. nevetsjc80

    Swedish foot wraps

    hey all I am trying to find something im not sure what the offical name is but they are swedish army issue wraps that go over your socks inside your boots. I ve seen them before aand they are yellow but cant find them here? Anyone seen them for sale? steve
  17. nevetsjc80

    The Wilderness Debate

    i was told that the wilderness definition is anywhere 2 hours or more from rescue?
  18. nevetsjc80

    Woodlore (Ray Mears) Arctic Expedition

    hey all i did this course this year (2010) and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to ask any questions feel free to pm me:)
  19. nevetsjc80

    Arctic/Winter Boots

    what size boot are your?