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  1. PeterH

    Headsup Sabre 45

    Was in Tamarack yesterday and in their 2nd hand / ex demo was a Sabre 45 and set side pockets in OG. I think they were marked 45+15 but if interested haggle :beer::) No connection etc just collecting an order :gulp Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk 2
  2. PeterH

    Bolero: an alternative supply

    I know that a fair few of us use Bolero drink sachets. I recently needed to replenish and eBay suggested and they arrived from Germany this morning. Great guys to deal with, 46 sachets for 17.50 euro inc all delivery and taxes. You just need to send them a...
  3. PeterH

    Tapatalk and iPad1

    If you are a user of the original iPad (iPad1 as it came before 2 but who knows in iWorld?) a word of warning DON'T INSTALL TODAY'S UPDATE to tapatalk as it appears not to support anything as old as the highest version of iOS we can run. Just to make things lively it does not bother to check, oh...
  4. PeterH

    Craghopper Kiwi ladies trs 10 Short

    Offering here in case they useful to anyone's better half :-) I have a very good but technically used pair of Navy Blue Craghopper Kiwi, Womens 10 Short. Got them off eBay for my Young Leader at scouts but wrong size. In my opinion they are better than scout uniform trousers and mostly you...
  5. PeterH

    Broken touchscreen

    OK I know this is waaay off topic but can anyone personally recommend a reliable OEM parts supplier for a Nikia Lumia 620 digitizer (ie the glass bit!)? Advice at work is get a screen via ebay/amazon and repair yourself but find a decent supplier :aargh4:
  6. PeterH

    Vango F10 poles BNWT

    A local scout group has found a complete set of new MK5 replacement poles. 3 unopened bags (ridge and 2 A pole sets). I believe they are offered at £30, may split. PM me if interested and Will put you in contact. Peter Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk 2
  7. PeterH

    Any Dutch Buckle users?

    Is anyone using Dutch Buckles with woopie slings to hang their hammock? I got a couple of set in the group buy here sometime ago and just got round to pairing them up with suitable webbing. Fist impressions were that they were very easy and effective to use. Was really pleased at the weight...
  8. PeterH

    White Rose Wood --- not a meet

    [Mods: Rather than Out&About put in Mids meets due to venue move if necessary] I have been encouraged back into "coalface" Scouting for the last few months running a local scout troop while the regular leaders have chance to concentrate on the real world. This one of the original 1907 scout...
  9. PeterH

    Tycoon fined over wood damage

    From BBC website Edinburgh Woollen Mill boss Philip Day fined over wood damage
  10. PeterH

    A year not in the woods often enough

    I was not sure whether to post this at all, and where. In the end I decided on the RC Meeters group as it is pretty fits.... but it is too long for the limit there so the Mids social area it is. Tonight is an anniversary of sorts and I just wanted to express my thanks to you guys and gals -...
  11. PeterH

    A trek through the northern Chilterns

    This last weekend I was out assessing a Silver DofE group from a neighbouring Explorer unit, may be it was not the most technically challenging route but an expedition is also about achieving something and they certainly collected lots of evidence for their project work. I did wonder at times if...
  12. PeterH

    FA Courses cheap and in midlands?

    We are looking for a First Aid course for my son, needs to be an outdoors relevant 16hr course so something like REC2 or equivalent as will want to use with NGB such as MLT in the future. As well as having just finished DofE Gold and become a DofE leader. The catch is that Chris does not drive...
  13. PeterH

    eBay Sabre 45 with pockets

    No connections to seller on eBay at the moment and not attracting a lot of bid is a Sabre 45 with 2x Predator side pockets. I am after some side pockets at a reasonable price but don't think I could get the main pack past SWMBO :-( Karrimor Sabre SF 45 item no 280804219156
  14. PeterH

    Another outdoor shop SALE

    Went in on Saturday morning to get some climbing kit for my son ( presents by proxy) and discovered that my local independent high street specialist outdoor shop have started their sale early so the bill had shrunk. They are towards the more technical end of the gear market but worth a look if...
  15. PeterH

    The soggy Black Mountains

    Some of the Rough Close Regulars will know my son Chris who spent about 18 hours in his hammock during "The Great Flood of PC11" whilst the water flowed freely below and the Ground Dwellers floated away :lmao: Last week he again demonstrated his knack with the weather and squelched his way...
  16. PeterH

    Sabre fit Side Pockets

    Good evening Kit Gurus Having acquired a second hand Sabre 45 I was having a look around at pockets. As side pockets appear to come in various degrees of "expense" what are the relative pros and cons of Standard PLCE vs Arktis vs Karrimor SF (forgetting Predator side pockets as they look...
  17. PeterH

    Used The Bushcraft Store recently?

    Just wondering if anyone has used the bushcraft store (bdu imports) recently? I ordered a knife kit from them which has never arrived. Although they respond to emails quickly enough so no complaints there they don't appear to be concerned that a mammoth knife kit as disappeared and seem to have...
  18. PeterH

    Bushcraft courses at Cotswold!

    You really know you are a mainstream fashion item when ..... :empty: book Bushcraft Courses instore
  19. PeterH

    Rough Close - July 2011 - Pictures

    A different pitch at Rough Close this time, we were towards the back of the site using the "Leaders Training Field" which meant we had the use of an area of principally spruce with the usual RC mix of broadleaved trees, hazel youngsters and holy bushes. However we also had a sun-trap field...
  20. PeterH

    Hennessy Hammocks Group Buy

    There have been a few threads recently about shipping / import etc of Hennessy Hammocks and the suggestion of a group buy of sorts. As I am almost certainly going to be ordering a hammock direct from Hennessy very shortly I can offer the possibility of combining to make use of their pricing. If...