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  1. nevetsjc80

    Razor strop fungus

    I have just got a large Razor strop fungus to make a razor strop. Might sound like a stupid question, but i take it its just a case of drying it, cutting in into a rectangle and gluing in to a board? steve
  2. nevetsjc80

    aussie water bottle case

    thought id save a few pennies and brought a aussie bottle case from ebay rather than anywhere esle as it was a good price, Its genuine but when i got it, it smelt like it had been through the wash. as it has a woolen like liner i wonder if it has shunk slightly. So my question is, How well does...
  3. nevetsjc80

    Swedish foot wraps

    hey all I am trying to find something im not sure what the offical name is but they are swedish army issue wraps that go over your socks inside your boots. I ve seen them before aand they are yellow but cant find them here? Anyone seen them for sale? steve
  4. nevetsjc80

    cant find ray's fish hook?

    Quick question. i want to make a fish hook like Mr Mears made, the on which is in two parts bound with a fine root. (not the steam bent one on the last series). Cant anyone remember which episode it is?
  5. nevetsjc80

    Coffee, 'strainer'

    Does anyone know if a coffee 'strainer' exists and where i could ge one. I dont mean a filter really like you can get for cups which have an open top. I mean like a tea strainer the ball type that locks shut and you dunk into you mug only with a fine mesh?
  6. nevetsjc80

    sas smock, where?

    A friend of mine just starting in bushcraft has a dpm sas smock and wants one in od green, so i said they often say about theses on bcuk, dont worry i know a site where they do the silvermans but they dont. Anyone know where to get one? A good one not a cheap one if a cheap one exists:) I...
  7. nevetsjc80

    Folding Bucksaw making?

    I am thinking of making a folding bucksaw like the ones woodlore do. But there are a few fine details that i cant get from the picture or any of the footage of it. So i was wondering if anyone had one and could explain or even better show me a pic? I have the general build sorted i think...
  8. nevetsjc80

    goodies for sale!!!!!!!!!!

    More things to sell to raise money for a woodlore course:) GPS unit Garmin etrx vista Cx like new in box £150 spec bellow to much for me to list...
  9. nevetsjc80

    need mittens?

    does anyone know where i can get a pair of these ideally in the uk? Must be with the WOOL liners. Help needed Steve
  10. nevetsjc80

    tenttipi size

    Im interested in a Safir cp tenttipi but not sure what size to get. I cant find a picture of one with someone stood outside it for reference when i do find a pic its either the same pic for all the sizes or it does nt say. I thought the way i get an idea is i ve got the ray mears dvd althou not...
  11. nevetsjc80

    need these boots

    Does anyone know where i can get some sorel glaciers boots and linners?? in the UK, double quick?? :)
  12. nevetsjc80

    Reindeer thong:)

    Hi all, hope you are all enojying the snow:) Does anyone know where i can get some soft reindeer leather flat strips like this The catch is i need a strip a least a metre long if not two...
  13. nevetsjc80

    resharpen saw

    I was just reading a thread about bow saw blades and i was going to add this on to that but thought i would be better to start a different but related thread. I thought id ask if anyone knows of a resharpenable hand saw?? We have two at work that are old and we dont really use anymore but...
  14. nevetsjc80

    rolling rolling rolling rawhide! (wanted)

    WANTED: has anyone got a strip (thong not jokes lol) of rawhide about a metre long to tie a crook knife blade to a handle. Steve
  15. nevetsjc80

    hunter axe and skinning

    Has anyone used the GB hunter axe for skinning/butchering deer and if so is it any good or worth buying? Steve
  16. nevetsjc80

    shell fish, where to go?

    I would like to go somewhere where i could collect and cook some shellfish ie razor calms, cockals, limpits etc. (Also it would be good to be able to light a fire to cook them although this bit could make it tricky to find so not as important.) I live in the south so dont really want to travel...
  17. nevetsjc80

    wildlife hachet old handle style?

    Does anyone know anywhere that sells the Gransfors wildlife hachet with the old style handle? A new one would be good but anyone who might sell a good second hand one will do? steve
  18. nevetsjc80


    I am hoping to go on a multi activaty holiday to lapland and was thinking of going with a company called Emagine. Has anyone been away with them or know anything about them before i go ahead and book it? Steve
  19. nevetsjc80

    Round walk?

    Hello all Dose anyone know of any circular walks ( i.e from car park back to car park) for three days two nights in England or Wales? I do nt need to be able to light fires but it would be good, but i do want to bivi down (or wild camp). Plus if possible some fresh water sources...
  20. nevetsjc80

    Looking for shelter

    Any one got any idea which tarp is the one shown in the begining of the four seasons episode of Ray Mears Bushcraft? Its green and looks cotton which is what im after, also it has loops 3/4 up (if the long bottem edge is pegged down to the floor) so you have 1/4- 3/4 devide rather than 50/50apex...