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  1. R3XXY

    Best waterproofing for leather?

    Hi BCUK, can anyone advise on what is the best waterproofing treatment for leather? I bought some of the Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on the strength of its reviews but it doesn't seem to work at all, I applied enough to sink a battleship to my timberland boots and they still wet out, the water...
  2. R3XXY

    Damascus Tomahawk being forged

    Enjoy :)
  3. R3XXY

    This blew my mind!

    Part 1: Part 2:
  4. R3XXY

    In the market for a bergen?

    +1 for second hand Berghaus Vulcan. Worth waiting for one to show up, PLCE bergens tend to be uncomfortable as the belt on them is not designed as a hip belt but to sit on top of webbing pouches, and the shoulder straps are rock hard and a liitle narrow for my liking. Second hand Lowe Alpine...
  5. R3XXY

    Bivvy bag/bivvy cover recommendation needed. Ridiculously light and compact, breathable, well made. Can be found cheaper than on the Snugpak website elsewhere.
  6. R3XXY

    The night walker. Rambling in the cold dark.

    Looks like fun, I think I'll have a go at that when I've shaken off this cold.
  7. R3XXY

    My December weekend in the woods

    It's more fun when it's wet, cold and challenging.
  8. R3XXY

    Duddon Valley Camping

    Great post, looks like you had a good time. Frightening how easily the weather can catch you out, regarding the stepping stones. Lucky that you knew about the bridge, or it could have led to a compromising situation. Thanks for sharing :)
  9. R3XXY

    Fintry Loup

    Looks lovely, something oddly enchanting about waterfalls even though it's just matter conforming to physical laws.
  10. R3XXY

    The best quality light sleeping system for -20°C

    In my experience they make a huge difference. I've no idea why he would even contemplate leaving out such a fundamental and common sense feature. :jacked:
  11. R3XXY

    The best quality light sleeping system for -20°C

    Are those Wiggys bags missing a neck/shoulder baffle?
  12. R3XXY

    The best quality light sleeping system for -20°C
  13. R3XXY

    Some pic's and thoughts on winter gear

    Great read Ivanhoe. Thanks for sharing :)
  14. R3XXY

    Non stick titanium?

    Who's Uncle Bob?
  15. R3XXY

    Non stick titanium?

    Does anyone know of a nice lightweight non stick titanium cook set? I love my Tatonka billy cans for short trips but I'd like something lighter for longer trips where pack weight could be an issue. I'd like it to be non stick because I'm partial to some fried eggs while out. TIA. R3XXY
  16. R3XXY

    Pruning saws

    IMO there are only three real choices when it comes to saws. Silky, Silky or Silky.
  17. R3XXY

    Sleeping bag opinion

    I think it's a good idea. I nearly bought one of Sierra Designs' arctic bags with the hood THAT IS ACTUALLY HEAD SHAPED. Was just out of my price range at the time. They seem to be the only company with a common sense approach to the way they design their sleeping bags. I could never get my...
  18. R3XXY

    Bushbox XL Review and Tips

    I've just bought a Bushbox xl and it is very heavy, it does feel very well constructed though and I like that it packs flat. I nearly bought the titanium model but was put off by the price and the fact that it's only 300g lighter. I wish I had now, I'm thinking about returning it and exchanging...
  19. R3XXY

    Romantic Getaway

    How about this? A mate of mine took his new Mrs there for a romantic break and they both loved it.
  20. R3XXY

    Wild woodland in Cheshire?

    My girlfriend and I want to go for an afternoon trip out somewhere and get off the beaten track for a nice little woodland cookout. So far the shortlist is: Bulkeley Hill Wood. Pretty crap for getting away from dog walkers and the like but I know it very well. Delamere Forest. A little...