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  1. bopdude

    Trip Report Lockdown garden hammock

    Nice, been thinking about it myself, is that one of your tarps and hammock ?
  2. bopdude


    Great work as always, but in miniature WOW, thanks for sharing :)
  3. bopdude

    Wood gas stove.

    I love them, burn any small twigs etc, I had mine burning so long once one of the feet warped, after that I bought the 'proper' Woodgas stove :)
  4. bopdude

    Are we buying more or less stuff?

    I've not bought for months, since I started working again after a 5 year absence, in fact, I'll be thinning the heard down soon as I don't have much free time at all :(
  5. bopdude

    Best Portablewood burning camping stoves ?

    Horses for courses really but having gone from titanium hexagon stove, wood gasification stoves I've more settled on the firebox stove for soir burning and cooking, don't know how I did it before lol
  6. bopdude

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Seem to have, as an ex partaker and avid follower of this thread I'm dismayed at some people :(
  7. bopdude

    Some pic's and thoughts on winter gear

    Great trip report, I'm assuming by the amount of sunlight that you were in the Southern part, just got back from Jokkmokk 2 days ago where the sun didn't climb above the hills :)
  8. bopdude

    Brockwell wood?

    Oooooh, A third ;) ?
  9. bopdude

    The Corfu Trail

    I used to, and still do love Corfu, apart from Kavos, you can keep that lol, Paxos and Anti Paxos (sp), beautiful.
  10. bopdude

    Brockwell wood?

    Lol just replied to your last thread mentioning Brockwell, as Rob says
  11. bopdude

    Bushcraft alone - North Yorkshire?

    And if you're close enough to Newcastle then there's Brockwell Woods, controlled wild camping £8 a night no toilet's etc but do allow fires.
  12. bopdude

    Mint Leatherman Tool

    Sorry, another late reply, it's supposed to be a large but fits more like a medium.
  13. bopdude

    Mint Leatherman Tool

    No worries pleased you got sorted.
  14. bopdude

    Mint Leatherman Tool

    Good bump I had meant to reply earlier, I have a garbine smock in olive I'll take some pictures when I get back, posting this from a Norwegian Airlines flight, gotta love plane WiFi, back on the 11th if it hasn't gone before then.
  15. bopdude

    Quinzee snow shelter 2020

    Great job hoping to build one in the next week in Sweden.
  16. bopdude

    Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas too all :)
  17. bopdude

    Overseas Just doing it !

    Pleased it's working out and that you're living life :)
  18. bopdude

    Tiny EDC pouch/organiser
  19. bopdude

    Epub and Mobi files

    You need a program an ereader
  20. bopdude

    Withdrawn Bear Paw snowshoes

    Sorted out now.