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  1. Sundowner

    New slightly old person

    Hi and welcome you young sprog!!! :):)
  2. Sundowner

    Shave horse, scruffy but it works.

    Niiice job!!!
  3. Sundowner

    Exercise in covid-19 lockdown

    I'm just leaving the house with my rucksack on, food for the day and a tin or two. Tiny woodland space 100m up the road. Nobody ever gets in there anyway. Not very pretty but there you go
  4. Sundowner

    For Sale Catapults/Slingshots

    Did you sell the last one? The wasp uniph.....?
  5. Sundowner

    Catapult for Hunting

    I'm going to get one anyway, lovely wood pigeons in the field across from my house
  6. Sundowner

    A corner for old times....?...

    Hell, just came across thread, remember contributing but forgot that I started it. With this new change, has somebody pinched the "new posts" button thingy?
  7. Sundowner

    Pine resin glue?

    Ok, I've decided to use pine resin and charcoal. Extremely valid points made throughout this thread, so, thank you everyone who replied!!!
  8. Sundowner

    Pine resin glue?

    It's birch Toddy. I was also thinking of boiling up skin and bone glue but that would dry glassy hard. For some reason pine glue keeps coming back into my head.
  9. Sundowner

    Pine resin glue?

    My newly carved kuksa has cracked and I'd luke to glue it, or just fill the crack. Pine resin mixed with ash ok for that task? TIA for your help!!
  10. Sundowner

    Royal Mail

    I use Hermes as i was absolutely fed up with RM
  11. Sundowner

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    I think this clip says it all....when comes to the wall
  12. Sundowner

    A ride on sharpener.

    I'd like something like that!!!!!
  13. Sundowner


    Levers? Do you mean bending down and picking up something to be used as lever? Please let me know how you do that without either squatting down (bad knees) or bending down (bad back)? Really looking forward to that reply :)
  14. Sundowner

    Canvas packs?

    Alan, how much for the big one at the bottom of the stairs? ;)
  15. Sundowner

    My first kuksa

    Thank you all !! Looks like I have to finish it before it dries out :)
  16. Sundowner

    My first kuksa

    Thanks guys, but the next one will be from a dried log. This one still had all the juice in it. I cut it with my self made bucksaw from a just cut down tree on the estate. Took me an hour was about 10" thick
  17. Sundowner

    My first kuksa

    Made it from Birch, all with hand tools. Still not quite finished as I have to wait for a large round chisel
  18. Sundowner

    Buckskin pouch

    I can get a row deer hide, but, where to start if you don't want to use chemicals?
  19. Sundowner

    For Sale Bags, Coats

    What size is the Arkris please?
  20. Sundowner

    Ban on sale of coal and wet wood.

    Well, we have a new virus now, let's see how that one is doing for population control