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  1. DocG

    For Sale LT Wright GNS sabre

    Lightly used knife, I think originally bought from this forum. For sale on behalf of son who's starting to make his own stuff and so needs to raise funds for materials. Sheath has been wet formed and waxed so holds the knife well IMHO. Knife was used for a year in Explorers but was not abused...
  2. DocG

    Wanted Fallkniven F1 plastic sheath

    Hi Anyone have a right handed F1 sheath available, please? ATB
  3. DocG

    Withdrawn Fallkniven F1 (or H1)

    Hi, I have had the Fallkniven F1 recommended to me by several people. I can't afford a new one at present. Does anyone have a used but usable F1 they'd be prepared to sell, please? I'd prefer a plastic sheath, right handed - but I think I can buy those separately (anyone know for sure?)...
  4. DocG

    Fallkniven H1- any info?

    Greetings all, Are there any long-term users of a Fallkniven H1 out there who'd be willing to share their experiences? I like the F1's steel but don't find the handle comfortable. I think the H1 might be the answer. (Also, does anyone near Inverness or Elgin own an H1 they'd be willing to...
  5. DocG

    Wanted Olive Green Northern Ireland pack - ISSUED, not civvy version.

    I have it on good faith that there are some olive drab NI packs out there. I forgot to return my DPM one and have found it a great bushcraft bag. However, I don't really like having camo kit, so I'd like either an olive one or a suitable alternative- suggestions welcomed. Hope you can help out...
  6. DocG

    Grill advice, please.

    Hi, I'm looking for advice about grills for use over open fires. I read Paul Kirtley's excellent blog post about canoe expedition cooking sets where he mentions Purcell Trench products. When I looked them up they were very well made but a bit too expensive for me. I'm looking for two items -...
  7. DocG

    For Sale Swanndri Shirt size medium as new

    I bought this shirt about a year ago for SWMBO. It hasn't been worn much and never near a fire: walking in cool, dry weather a couple of times before being put aside. It's a medium with the following measurements when laid flat: Pit to pit 22" Pit to cuff 19" Collar to hem (straight down the...
  8. DocG

    EBBELSEN Trek MKII field jacket/coat - any views?

    Hi, I've fancied a ventile top for a while but don't like the "action man" look of many jackets that are based on the British Army smock. Ebbelsen have a jacket that looks more civilian (if you follow me) but is as pricey as other brands. I think the fit will be ok for me - but willing to...
  9. DocG

    Wood burning stove features - advice sought

    Hi, I'm in the market for a woodburning stove I can use in a tent for this time of year. I don't like the Pioneer style (with three folding legs) as I've seen several become tippy with pots on them and once enjoyed being in a tent when one fell over. I'm looking for a stove with a folding leg...
  10. DocG

    Spoon Carving with Scouts - where can I get a scorp for a reasonable price?

    Greetings, I'm looking for advice. I have a spoon knife, a crook knife (i.e., a larger curved blade than my relatively small spoon knife) and have recently bought a basic Mora 160 (or similar numbers - small, sharp blade about 1 1/2" long for whittling). I've used a teardrop cabinet...
  11. DocG

    LT Wright JESSMUK - any info?

    Hello all, I've been looking at knives from the other side of the pond (and this) that depart from the "standard bushcraft" style: the woodlore and similar. One that has had many good reviews is the relatively new LT Wright Jessmuk - there are lots of YouTube reviews to view, some of...
  12. DocG

    LT Wright Bushcrafter HC

    Morning all, Does anyone own or have personal experience of the LT Wright Bushcrafter HC, please? Link to webpage: There are lots of positive reviews on YouTube, but few people post bad ones, in my experience, so I'd appreciate some...
  13. DocG

    Query: Rogue Trans-Africa boot sizing/fit

    Hi, I'm trying to sort out my son's kit. He fancies a pair of the Rogue Trans-Africa boots but I can't find any clear sizing advice. I've contacted stockists but they not been very clear in their answers, so I thought I'd come to the source of all true knowledge ... He has feet that fit...
  14. DocG

    New Snugpak Cocoon vs quilt and under blanket

    Hi, I'd appreciate some insight and advice about the relative merits of the new Snugpak Cocoon (,) vs an under blanket and sleeping bag or top quilt. I have used a DD hammock...
  15. DocG

    DD Jura Sleeping Bags: any recent experience or observations?

    Hi, I've been looking through older posts featuring the DD Jura mk2, eg Sandbag47's excellent review, and I wonder if anyone's had more recent experience or can comment on the long term resilience of the bag. I'm after a bag that can be bashed about but won't fall apart. I'd like the...
  16. DocG

    How do I shrink a Pendleton wool shirt?

    Greetings all. I've been given an XL Pendleton wool trail shirt. I'm very much a medium to large build. Does anyone have tips or advice about shrinking wool shirts? I like the colour but it's far too big. Many thanks, Rob
  17. DocG

    Rob Evans Bushtool with buttplate (also posted in Full Members area)

    Hello all, I've posted the same thread in the Full Members Classified area - I hope it's ok to post in both. My apologies if it's not and I'll remove one if required. I'm looking for a good condition Rob Evans Bushtool with buttplate. It does not need to have a sheath, though a sheath is...
  18. DocG

    Names of parts of an axe?

    Hello all. Please can folk help with some technical terms about axes? Some books / web sites label the "bottom end / end without the head" of an axe haft / helve / shaft / handle the "toe" and "heel" while others use "toe" and "heel" for the top and bottom of the cutting edge / blade /...
  19. DocG

    Pathfinder stainless steel Bushpot (as at Hennie's) vs Mors alu: any thoughts?

    Hi, I'd like to have a more featured pot than a zebra and I'm a big fan of Mors Kochanski's books and videos. I've been looking into a Mors Pot from the US but am worried about import charges as I was stung badly a couple of years ago. Some members have mentioned the Pathfinder Bushpot...
  20. DocG

    Uses or recipes for crab apples

    Dear all, A neighbour has a crab apple tree that is loaded with fruit but she does not plan to use the fruit. I have asked if I can harvest some of the apples. Does anyone have any advice or guidance or recipes they are prepared to share, please? All the best.