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    Camp Staithes

    Didn't they cook it before serving it to you?
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    Oh, I am in Trouble.

    I agree with Fadcode's first post. Do attend court. If it is Small Claims court, I have been in one (taken to court by a builder). It is a non-intimidating experience, you sit across a table from the judge, who is a normal human being in a normal clothes. When I went, they were very good at...
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    Anglo Saxon Spears and arrows

    Try messaging Tod of Todstuff - he has a youtube channel. Mostly about crossbows, but covers other medieval and earlier stuff. Doesn't just talk about gear, he builds and tests it.
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    Ancient dwarven damascus

    Love your stories. That would make a heck of a heavy woods knife for someone
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    Antifreeze Probably too late to worry...

    I have a couple of friends who own electric cars (Nissan Leaf). The cars have a heater (heat source pump) that runs off the battery. It is very efficient - a guesstimate calculation was that a half-charged battery would run the heat pump for 24hours. The batteries do suffer in the cold and when...
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    Anyone been to Iran?

    A friend cycled through Iran a few years back. He had a great time, found people really welcoming (including the border guards). Might have been partly due to the way he entered the country and method of travel. He fell very ill while in the country and people could not have been kinder or taken...
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    Knives/knife law.

    I might be about to be shot down in flames, partly because I'm going to make a very broad generalisation. Someone said 'stand up for your rights'; they don't live in the UK and it made me think that it is probably time to mention a fundamental difference between UK and North American...
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    Knives/knife law.

    Ken, if someone attacks you are allowed to defend yourself (in the UK) with anything that comes to hand. That could be a frying pan, a golf club, a bottle. It could be a knife. If you were walking down the street and someone threw a punch at you, you retaliated by stabbing them, that would...
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    Knives/knife law.

    I feel that the current law is really pretty good. It allows a police officer to apprehend and confiscate when someone is carrying a sharpened object (rather than something explicitly a knife). Very recent laws such as the 'anti zombie knife' law have been brought in not for the sake of...
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    Natural medicine from plants in the UK

    It amazes me, too. There are several plants in australia that require elaborate prep - one is severely carcinogenic without leaching in water for 5 days, plus cooking. Another requires soaking, then grinding the seeds to remove an enzyme. How on earth did people work this out?
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    You won't believe what I found

    I remember that one. He was a prize prat. An entitled idiot who was out to insult everyone then say "I didn't do nuffink". Someone tracked down the court number to prove it was a real case, I believe (mostly because it was thought he was just a troll).
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    Natural medicine from plants in the UK

    This is worth reading 20 times over. 'herbal' remedies are still potent chemicals. It is extremely difficult to know the potency of the plant you have in your hand (think how much the strength of chillies can vary, even from the same plant). Then there are the interactions between the chemicals...
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    Veganism, Vegeterianism, Omnivorism

    Oats, the oft-overlooked 'super' grain, has useful amounts of Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenyline, Threopine, Tryptophan and Valine. 200gm a day is 100% for an adult.
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    crowdfunding for a disabled child

    I've run this by Tony and I'm hoping that you're happy to help. Friend of a friend is crowdfunding to raise money for a specialist trike for their disabled son. Details here: It is the sort of thing where lots of...
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    Naughty or Necessary?

    Useful info - thanks. I guess that helps people decide what to do. I had a major fall in the lake district (rock climbing). The MR team left my boots on; just strapped me in the stretcher and ran me down the mountain. Boot and sock weren't removed until I arrived at hospital. I was guessing my...
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    Naughty or Necessary?

    Never appropriate to give aspirin to someone who is suspected of having a fracture (or about to have surgery). Aspirin promoted bleeding. Broken ankle question - hmm - I'm guessing that you would do this if you suspect that swelling is restricting blood flow or there is sign of rapidly...
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    Hannah Hauxwell - Too Long a Winter

    That is a good summary. Not many realise how hard it is for the tenant farmers. I can remember visiting my cousins when I was 6, they still had a snowdrift up to the eaves of the house at the back. No electricity, just kerosene lanterns. Damp stone cottage, bleak as heck. They loved it. Jackie...
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    Hannah Hauxwell - Too Long a Winter

    Those Bainbridges are my cousins - the children in that program are still farming, but not in that location. Jackie desperately wanted the farm, but it was a tenant farm and sadly she was not able to take on the tenancy when her father retired from farming.
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    Vegan advice

    Humous is a decent 'binder' for fillings in sandwiches and doesn't make the bread soggy. Does she like marmite? I'm sure you know that vegans need to keep an eye on Vit B intake (not a problem for those of us who like dark beers).
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    Home Self-testing

    For urgent work, yes, the NHS is quick. An acquaintance's wife fell ill, rushed to hospital. Diagnosis of Dilated Cardio Myopathy made and transfer to a specialist unit at another hospital within 12hours of her falling ill. Stabilised in specialist heart unit and operated on as soon as she was...