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  1. rawshak

    the wilderness gathering- whos going??

    Give me a bell when you get there bro, I'll be there for the duration with Dave and Ash :D Shame you can't do a boozy night ;)
  2. rawshak

    A big disappointment...

    I think he's refering to Ian, the older chap in the shorts in shot DSCI0005 lol :D, I'm in the shot before and I'm fairly certain I don't look anything like Gordon Hillman ;)
  3. rawshak

    May as well introduce myself :)

    Welcome to the BCUK :D
  4. rawshak

    Bushmoot 2010 - Who's going?

    I'll be there again this year along with Ashley :D
  5. rawshak

    Mora triflex or helle eggen

    They are both great knives and will serve you well if you treat them with respect. The Helle is the higher quality of the two, but comes in at over twice the price of the Mora. I've had the privalidge of working with both recently, the Mora Bushcraft Triflex is my favorite from the new Mora...
  6. rawshak

    Moccasins and the whole barefoot running/hiking question

    I used to go barefoot from April through to November without going near any kind of footwear, and did so for around five years. You do build up feet like a hobbit, but once you get to that stage, very little hurts your feet. The odd pointy rock would occasionally bruise the foot through the...
  7. rawshak

    Falkniven F1 vs Woodlore Clone

    This is very true, they're all useable knives. My opinion is just that, an opinion.
  8. rawshak

    Falkniven F1 vs Woodlore Clone

    I have a couple of Woodlore clones, have used a couple of BG's, and I use an F1 on a daily basis at work as my knife of choice.
  9. rawshak

    Falkniven F1 vs Woodlore Clone

    Still the F1 for me, far superior blade.
  10. rawshak

    Falkniven F1 vs Woodlore Clone

    I'm a huge fan of the F1 over the Woodlore clone. It's few shortcomings (carving etc.), are easily overcome with a bit of practice. No knife is ideal for everything, which is why the knife is such a diverse tool, but the F1 ticks an awful lot of bushcrafty type boxes for me, and the steel and...
  11. rawshak

    Devon meet up and working party: UPDATE

    I don't think Lorna and I can make this one Dave :( I'm working Sunday and Monday, and Lorna's got an early start on Monday morning. Deffo catch up soon though mate :)
  12. rawshak

    mora hunter

    Thanks buddy, I've sent you an email. Much appreciated mate, it'll be well used :D
  13. rawshak

    Greetings from South Devon.

    Hey Zarkwon welcome to the BCUK. We're a pretty welcoming bunch down in the South-West, so like Leon says, hopefully we'll see you at the RV mate.:D
  14. rawshak

    mora hunter

    There's no law against importing knives unless they are on the list of banned weapons (such as flick, push, butterfly knives etc), which the clipper isn't. I import knives regularly and have no problems at all. I'll gratefully give it a good home Jontock if scorpio doesn't want it ;)
  15. rawshak

    mora hunter

    My personal prefrence is for the clipper, but only because I prefer the asthetics and the sheath. I have a broad hand, and I can use either just as happily. There really is nothing to choose between them if I were to be honest with you, as the differences make so little difference.
  16. rawshak

    mora hunter

    Here's a quick review we did on the knife
  17. rawshak

    bushcraft and survival mag

    That's a shame mate :( I won't be renewing my subscription. Maybe it's time to move your efforts to Black Dog ;)
  18. rawshak

    Decent fixed blade for less than £25

    Nice find Dave :)
  19. rawshak

    Do you make a living out of bushcraft?

    I do it for a living as an instructor at an outdoor centre for the disabled. I'm responsible for running all the bushcraft/survival and wild camping.. frankly, I feel guilty getting paid for it, I love my job :D
  20. rawshak

    FS: handmade leather strops

    Arrived today, nice work Geoff, many thanks mate :)