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  1. Mick721

    Mora Garberg on Amazon £66

    I've just bought a mora garberg (multimount) on amazon for £66. This is by far the cheapest i've seen it anywhere. It's advertised as a 'mora outdoor knife' alongside another entry for a garberg which is £91, so i suspect there may be a mistake somewhere but as long as it's in my favour! No...
  2. Mick721

    Withdrawn Byrd Tern

    The wife found it in the snow outside the house. I haven't seen it yet but I imagine it's rusted to nothingness now!
  3. Mick721

    Withdrawn Byrd Tern

    all sorted thanks folks
  4. Mick721

    Withdrawn Byrd Tern

    Looking for a Byrd Tern if anyone has an unloved one they want to pass on. Good condition if possible. Lost mine at work yesterday and feels like I've lost an arm!
  5. Mick721

    Sold esee izula

    If it falls through let me know please. I’ve been wanting one for years
  6. Mick721

    Sea to Summit Ultrasil poncho - Blue.

    I’ll take it! PM me the details and I’ll sort cash by end of day. Ta.
  7. Mick721

    For Sale, two jackets

    Bump and price drop
  8. Mick721

    For Sale, two jackets

    Berghaus sold pending payment
  9. Mick721

    For Sale, two jackets

    First up a Keela Monro in OG/Black, size Medium. Good condition, though without snow valance £38 Next a Berghaus packable jacket in orange. Not sure if the name of it but it's AQ2 fabric and comes with it's own stuff sack. Also size Medium £SOLD Or £50 the pair.
  10. Mick721

    Another of those, if only you were allowed one, posts. SAK preference

    I've got a farmer and a soldier both alox. I tend to carry the farmer more. Could do with a secondary small blade on there too though.
  11. Mick721

    SNOWSLED Ventile OD Smock

    Bugger also. Been wanting a ventile jacket for ages. Good spot!
  12. Mick721

    Self heating drinks

    I used them a few years back camping at a music festival where fires and stove were strictly forbidden. Obviously a flask is no good in this situation and there was no access to electricity. Admittedly the coffee was rubbish, but it was hot and wet and better than walking to the other end of the...
  13. Mick721

    Self heating drinks

    Yeh the cans seem to have gone out of production everywhere. I can get them from France but the shipping is prohibitive as it's only for a one off trip. The flameless ration heaters are good for in vehicle heating etc.
  14. Mick721

    Self heating drinks

    Hi folks, Does anyone have an idea where I can source any self heating drinks like coffee, hot chocolate etc? I've tried all the usual places but can't find a suppllier anywhere. I could get them off amazon a couple of years back but they seem to have gone out of production completely.
  15. Mick721

    Backpacking Dinner for Two Cooking Kits

    I've got a whole load of stoves. Gas, wood gas, solid fuel, etc. But I always find myself taking my homemade coke can meths stove. It's solid as a rock, great on fuel and ultra light. An extra wouldn't be noticeable so these or a trangia would be a great choice.
  16. Mick721

    Camping Drinks

    Black tea, 2 in 1 coffees, instant soup and a hip flask for me and hot choc for the kids. My top tip though is sachets of miso soup (I get them from Sainsbury's). Japanese bovril at it's finest...
  17. Mick721

    Hi all (again)

    Hi folks, I've been a member for a number of years but I have not been active for about a year or so due to family and work stuff (life getting in the way of all the fun!), so I thought it best to reintroduce myself as there seems to be a whole new bunch of members since I was on last. I'm...
  18. Mick721

    Looking for a cheap large Bergen

    Highlander pro force 99L can be had cheap enough from new.
  19. Mick721

    Edam is made backwards

    Whilst eating a spot of lunch yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that I could utilise the wax left over from a mini baby bel. Five minutes later with some tin foil from my butties and a small length of cotton string I had a passable candle. I reckon about an hour's burn time from the amount...