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  1. The Lord Poncho

    Military Ops E Bay Supplier - PLEASE BEWARE!!

    I bought a few bits from them (albeit a while back) - not sure who supplies their kit, but the quality wasn't too great.
  2. The Lord Poncho

    Best Portablewood burning camping stoves ?

    I have a honey stove - works ok, but to be honest, i probably wouldn't recommend it. Even with practice it is very fiddly to assemble, and has left a few cuts over the years!
  3. The Lord Poncho

    VIRTUS packs etc and PLCE.

    The virtus side pocket zips are upside down compared to the PLCE zips... To be honest, much of the Virtus gear has been generally poorly received. They are on their third version of the bergen already, as the first two versions are generally considered not to be fit for purpose, and the...
  4. The Lord Poncho

    Looking for compass recommendations

    Another vote for a silva type 4/54, the military version with the tritium illumination. Decent, no nonsense compass, with a sufficiently sized baseplate and useful roamer scales in 1:50k and 1:25k - no need for anything else in my book! e.g...
  5. The Lord Poncho

    What next- locusts?

    I feel your pain, my old house had a serious mouse problem for a while. My view was that they learnt to avoid the traps - i watched one run into our living room, and go out of its way to go round three traps i had by the skirting board. In the end, a combination of a load of poison under the...
  6. The Lord Poncho

    Air rifle and archery space need?

    From memory, i believe there are some scout association fact sheets covering this. Our scouts set up a range indoor, prepared using a backdrop of plywood on a de-mountable frame, with a heavy carpet hung in front to stop bounceback. pellet catchers are then affixed to the plywood through a...
  7. The Lord Poncho

    Bivvy Bags

    We have bought the ex army ones for our Explorers, Definitely avoid the orange plastic survival bags - those are only really to be reserved for emergency use or wrapping up a rucksack that is left exposed outside a shelters etc (or as a groundsheet as per the post above). I generally just keep...
  8. The Lord Poncho

    Arktis coat

    Very good quality smock, Arktis are generally regarded as top notch. There are cheaper clones which also have the waterproof drop liner, I've not used any of those to comment on their quality. Actually the army now issue a version of their smock in MTP Camp (if you don't mind that) which also...
  9. The Lord Poncho

    Coastal calamity [emoji23]

    For clarity, in case someone were to think otherwise this is best kept to a hypothetical 'survival' scenario - otherwise taking eggs will find oneself the wrong side of the law!
  10. The Lord Poncho

    What’s stopping you?

    For me the decrease in outdoor time is purely down to a work/life balance shifting in the wrong direction - I'm self employed, and what with the mortgage etc, i'm having to put in a reasonable amount of time at work (not helped by the 4 hour daily round trip to commute to my place of work!). So...
  11. The Lord Poncho

    Really Useful Boxes.

    You can get some similar ones they knock out from China - e.g...
  12. The Lord Poncho

    Trauma bandage

    Whilst my work bag, and my cars each have a CAT tourniquet and an Israeli dressing in them (in the last 15 years, i've only had to use one of the dressings from the car on a motor cyclist), and whilst when I'm outdoors i do carry an Israeli dressing, its massive overkill (perhaps the wrong...
  13. The Lord Poncho

    Improving temp performance of sleeping bag

    I seem to recall that many years ago, the Softie 3 'merlin' was designed slightly 'oversize' in order to fit outside of another sleeping bag in order to create a two bag sleeping system without crushing the filling (and thereby denting the thermal performance) of whatever bag was used on the...
  14. The Lord Poncho

    Change to the law on bird pest control

    Ha - brilliant!
  15. The Lord Poncho

    Question about PLCE.

    + a couple of webbing straps/SR buckles to attach the base of the padded shoulder straps of the daysack yoke to the base of the side pouch(es). It was quite common to leave a yoke all set up ready to go attached to a single side pouch, with that side pouch attached to the bergen by its zips...
  16. The Lord Poncho


    Impressive woggle, but I must say, your group scarf lacks a little something...!
  17. The Lord Poncho

    What equipment should I buy? Tarp & Bivvy?

    Agreed! There are an increasing number of commercial woodland campsites that would enable a 'half way house' if you were really nervous, but ultimately, unless you decide to go to a very remote area or high altitude etc for your first time, there really shoudln't be much to fear from just having...
  18. The Lord Poncho

    Android offline navigation maps 2019

    I use maverick and back country navigator - both allow the download and storage of 1:25k OS mapping (which facilitates later offline use). They work very well indeed, and there are free versions - which are the only versions i've ever used.
  19. The Lord Poncho

    Current issue mess kits (lack of info?)

    I used to use an MSR pocket rocket with an aluminium mug - just for the weight saving over the stainless crusader mug - which is a fairly heavy beast. Over the years the dents, scratches and misshapen parts of the mug just added character i thought!
  20. The Lord Poncho

    Army Sleeping Bag

    The Carinthia Defence 4 - which was issued to the British army for a while before the modular sleep system became widespread issue has an insulated baffle on the inside of the zip (which is held in place with its own rigidity, and an external non insulated flap over the zip which has velcro...