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  1. Stew

    Characters - For Fun

  2. Stew

    Characters - For Fun

  3. Stew

    Characters - For Fun

    # 2 is teen titans.
  4. Stew

    Characters - For Fun

    Nope! Do you want me to tell you?
  5. Stew

    Characters - For Fun

    Crazy how the brain works! I can see lots.
  6. Stew

    Stew's Works in Progress!

    I wonder how many pieces of work are going to be produced in this time of lockdown that wouldn’t have been otherwise? This is my lockdown piece. A rough ground Bowie blade destined for some brass and wood.
  7. Stew

    Exercise in covid-19 lockdown

    Tabata workouts just using body weight will do you ok.
  8. Stew

    I had better make a decision now...

    If you get ill, my recommendation is to be with your dad for support. This illness is quite tiring.
  9. Stew

    A `Being Sick` supply.

    I am Ill right now. It’s not diagnosed as c-19 but likely. My tip is keep it simple for food. I have a lack of energy to achieve anything. At the start, my tastebuds went weird so I didn’t like complex foods. . Plenty of water. Very dry mouth.
  10. Stew

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    school staff have been declared as essential key workers.
  11. Stew

    Stacked leather handle advice

    This was the tutorial I used some years back:
  12. Stew

    Royal Mail

    Why is it going to put you out a lot of cash?
  13. Stew

    A ride on sharpener.

    I know it's not the same machine but it reminded me of this video:
  14. Stew

    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    I would suggest keeping an ear out for chainsaws and/or a suggestion of future building works. I'm due to have a large build start and just lining up the felling of a dozen trees - more than I can use and it would likely be the same for anyone else!
  15. Stew

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    So just to check, are we closing schools? :D
  16. Stew


    :D The fun of getting there is sufficient for me - please pass it to Broch! I have too much kit as it is and am trying to reduce the amount. I shouldn't have played but it was too tempting / frustrating! :D
  17. Stew


    Shoulder bag?
  18. Stew

    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    So I assume you want to close all schools from now until sometime in the future?
  19. Stew


    Response bag?
  20. Stew


    A spoon carving knife? :)