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    What did you buy today?

    A smallish, layered foam target for " garden" Archery. A small pressure washer. 10 mtrs of 6x19 wire, for splicing practice. Rgds Ceeg
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    Day Out Twilight

    Not only very well written, it is a piece that draws and involves the reader. Salutations, Storyteller. Regards Ceeg
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    Handle project

    Job done. I reasoned that antler handles had been around for much longer than modern adhesives and I sought to try out the method of boiling the crown, knowing that you get just one shot at it. Another thought, was that I couldn't see First Nations successfully winkling-out all that core...
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    What did you buy today?

    An Old Hickory Skinner.....most definitely a Nessmuk therein. Anyone have an 'experience lead' idea how best to curve the handle section??? Regards Ceeg
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    What did you buy today?

    A one meter length of 15mm black elastic..I'm learning the English Longbow! My kids think I'm bonkers. Regards Ceeg
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    Handle project

    I've been given a 'crown-end' of an antler and it seems to be shouting, "Nessmuk". Having never worked with this material, I would be most glad of some pointers to bear in mind and any pitfalls to be avoided. The section came via a stick maker up in Mull, though I don't know what beastie type it...
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    Homestead, home grown mince pies!

    Cheers H. Many thanks for posting this. For a few moments I was re-cherishing half forgotten memories of the scent of hot ovens, caramelised sugar and spices and the whiff of Grandma's special Port wine. Seasonal Best Wishes Ceeg
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    Burnt Ear ?

    I wonder if the OP is having a bit of a laugh....I reckon that he actually "burnt" the wound by dabbing it with 50:50 water and's what I have done since donks ago, for minor wounds. Sure, it stings a little, but really cleans up and , I suppose, kind of singes-shut an open wound...
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    Reading through this thread has reminded me that my grandfather would take the tea-cozy from the pot and use it for both a nightcap...and as a beanie when on watchman duties. Chuckling at the memory Ceeg
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    Splicing large rope?

    Splitting the Working ends in two, then partner-seizing to the next working part...used to be a fairly standard in polyprop ropes, particularly in the finish of Octoplait splices. When time is not a consideration is still a belt and braces practise, working with laid-up manmades. Regards all Ceeg
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    Starting a new job!

    Well done Jay Eph. May fortune smile on you. Regards Ceeg
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    Sold Erebus. The story of a ship by Michael Palin

    Wow! somebody is going to be very lucky. I have had this book from its first publication and it is a real belter of a yarn. The kind of narrative that turns a story into knowledge. Ceeg
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    Splicing large rope?

    It was common for Seamen to carry, along with their Knife and Spike, a little tallow in a cow horn, just for this purpose. If the OP's hands are raw, a large Swedish Fid, or a foot long length of 5mm dim plastic pipe, withe one side fined down, will much reduce the grunt needed to draw up the...
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    New bushcraft dog

    By golly, just look a' those lugs and then chuckle.
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    Not squeezing squeezy tubes

    make your own tubes from an empty washing-up liquid container....just roll the diameter you need and duct tape the seam. Regards Ceeg
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    Looking for name suggestion

    Whirligig? Rgds Ceeg
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    One for Awl

    Sailmakers roping needles in sizes 11 to 8 are very useful as impromptu awls....That's the old style needles, the ones sufficiently structured to take a stamped makers name and number. Ceeg
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    What did you buy today?

    A Hawke Frontier ED X, 8x42 binocular. It was about time I moved on from WW2 Canadian 7x50's, damn things weighed more than twice their replacement and were made to sit in the Bridge binoc box, not to be lugged around, 1.414 kilo. One happy fellah. Ceeg
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    Over two crown and under two wall diamond/lanyard knots

    Now that is a bit of swish,indeed. I wonder what it looks like, doubled. Ceeg
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    Razor Clam hunting in Torbay?

    As I have said in the past, it has been my experience that the best, sure-fire way of getting razors, is to wander into any tackle shop, unannounced, and ask for a packet of lugworms........and they always reply that they have none, but do have plenty of razor fish...and, even the not-so-fresh...