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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Err, did you even watch that Youtube thing? Seems to me it answered most of your questions. Testing, contact tracing, mask usage, isolating affected people, transmission via mucas membranes so faceshields being good for medical staff, droplet transmission, aerosol transmission in confined...
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    Upgrade Observations:

    Only issue for me is that the window I'm writing in isnt that visible as I'm writing, I have to kind of type blind then have a look before I post. On the upside I'm not getting pestered to use Tapatalk all the time.
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    corona virus projects any one?

    After planing it I cut it to size from the underside with a circular saw to stop it from spelching through to top surface, to be fair its a guiderail saw and the cuts are very clean but no harm in doing good practice to make it as good as possible. Then I've glued some slightly over width oak...
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    corona virus projects any one?

    I've been pestered into making my granddaughter a tabletop to go onto a Singer sewing machine cast iron base. The brief was, "Just get something she can do crafting and homework on, can be plywood or whatever but 1000x500 in size". I've had a bit of 18mm plywood that size kicking about for a...
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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    This youtube thing is about how South Korea is dealing with it, better than we are by the way. It covers the age groups most likely to be seriously affected. The possibility of re-infection Mask usage and why the WHO is saying for the public not to use them (basically they want them saved for...
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    Personally I'm very interested in SIPS panel construction. Its strong, can even be used in earthquake zones, very easy to seal up and keep warm, fast to build and cheap. It can be clad with timber, stone, brick whatever so can take on whatever look an area code requires.
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    That is a very good point, the UK is mostly a cold climate where the inside is heated so the vapour barrier goes on the inside of the insulation and a breathable membrane on the outside. In a hot climate where aircon keeps the building cool its the other way round.
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    One reason some old timber framed houses have lasted as well as they have is the fact that they have a howling gale blowing through the frames,that dries them out if they get damp. Modern houses are required by code to be more airtight and those techniques arent always fully understood...
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    Dealing with Boils

    Depends where it is but I'd never suggest cleaning the area then poking something sterile and sharp into the boil then squeezing it to drain it. Then cleaning the area afterwards and apllying a dressing. No siree, not me. Thats just crazy talk.
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    Happy online miserable in physical world

    On the times I've been out people have been more friendly than usual.
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    There's a lot more timber framed houses going up nowadays and done right they can be very efficient. Currently there's a lot of UK housebuilders who don't fully understand how to weatherseal them fully around the openings which I can see will be a problem in 20 or so years time. Its not that...
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    Are we buying more or less stuff?

    Self employed here so my income will stop dead next Friday, I'm not buying anything I don't absolutely have to. The Government is saying they'll see us right financially but I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Exercise in covid-19 lockdown

    Got a nice pushbike hanging up in from the hall ceiling. As I have some time off I'll likely dust it off, pump the tyres up and demostrate to all my contacts via the medium of Strava just how damned unfit I am. Ideally I'd drive out of town a bit to get away from people before I start my ride...
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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Aye, made the mistake of watching a couple of his vids a while ago then got autosuggested them for ages afterwards. Jeez he's a right bloody drama queen, can't watch his stuff anymore and the titles are often very clickbaity with the title having very little to do with the content.
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    Stacked leather handle advice

    After I sand the dodgy varnish that Estwing puts on its hammer handles off, I put Danish oil on them. Got one which was made in the 1950s at the latest. Looks good. Looked like someone dropped it in a tin of green paint. I sanded it off and coated it with Danish oil, works well but it does...
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    What is best for environmental reasons?

    Little known fact but the petrochemical industry is one of the largest consumers of cobalt every year and unlike EV batteries where it can be recycled they use it once and thats it. There was a study done not long ago about which was cleaner and after a few years EVs were cleaner than internal...
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    A cracked Potje

    Whilst it is possible to weld cast iron with a high nickle content electrode its a bit of a faff and usually requires preheating the entire cast item with a large blowtorch, doing the weld with a Manual Metal Ark welder (stick welding to most people) then dont let it cool too fast after welding...
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    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    Used to be that you could pay a small amount to get some kind of permission from the Forestry commission to collect wood thats been felled to allow the better trees to grow to full height. Used to be very cheap from what my mate told me.
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    Ban on sale of coal and wet wood.

    I'm not against biofuels, just against the people who are kicking the backside out of the grant schemes. Theres still a lot of willow planted round here bu5 I'm not sure how its working out. I have heard that Philip Day who owns Edinburgh Wollen Mill is buying up a lot of farms in Cumbria and...
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    Ban on sale of coal and wet wood.

    Is it possibly the time to mention the biofuel boilers and the grants that mean the people get so much money to burn the wood that it was actually in their financial interest to leave the windows open. That to me is criminal, no doubt there will be someone on here who knows more than I do about...