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  1. Gill

    Finnish Wool Trousers

    Hi i would take a pair 36x30
  2. Gill

    For Sale Red wing moc toe boots

    Red wing moc toe ,safety toe boots size 7 ,these are high quality American made boots ,these cost around £250 ,i,m looking for £125 posted .
  3. Gill

    Two dogs

    Is there anyone on here that still makes smocks from ventile ?
  4. Gill

    Two dogs

    Hi is Cliff still making stuff and where could i get hold of him ,thanks
  5. Gill

    Fenix Tk15

    Very good flashlight used twice £35 posted
  6. Gill

    Wool cargo trousers

    Size 36x32
  7. Gill

    Wool cargo trousers

    Hard to find Lago brand trousers very warm ,comfortable trousers with high back £60 posted
  8. Gill

    Filson shirt

    Nice autumn colour shirt size large ,cost £100 ,would accept £55 posted
  9. Gill

    Pentagon UTA Anorak

    I have decided to put this superb smock up for sale as it simply is not getting used.It has been worn once ,it is a size xl in coyote again as new ,i,m looking for £85 posted
  10. Gill

    Essee 5 in venom green and orange

    This robust survival knife has sat in a drawer so it is as new , the ammo pouch on the front of the sheath can be taken back off via the screws .I would imagine this knife would not be easy to loose .I am looking for £130 posted.
  11. Gill

    Tapio Syrjala puukko

    I have a beautiful puukko from Tapio for sale , i am reluctantly putting it up ,but it is just not getting used ,there is a waiting list for his knifes and this would cost you €450 today i am looking for £250 posted special delivery .
  12. Gill

    Puma white hunter wanted

    Thanks buddy
  13. Gill

    Puma white hunter wanted

    Anybody got one in good nick ? Trade or buy.
  14. Gill

    Magnesium and ferro rod ??

    Thanks Turnip the very thread .
  15. Gill

    Staight outta the PNW Survival Strikers!

    Anybody got one or two of these for sale pref large ?
  16. Gill

    Magnesium and ferro rod ??

    Hi i have been off here for a bit and came back to the new format so i dont know my way about yet. I was looking for a thread from a while back where these were being sold ,they had a wooden handle that could be used for tinder and they came from Canada i beleive .
  17. Gill

    Whitling Tools any Recomendations?

    The best carver i have used is a Machris carving knife made by Scottish knifemaker Chis Grant and designed by full time wood carver John Mac .have a look .
  18. Gill

    Terava Jaakaripuukko

    I,m looking to buy one of these in carbon steel if anybody has one .
  19. Gill

    Glasgow bushcrafters/wild campers

    I am kilmarnock so not far at all.
  20. Gill

    Fjallraven No. 8

    Holy smokes Batman ,that was quick Andy.