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    New camera

    nice photos Glasgow Botanical Gardens - is a great place for taking photos
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    Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, what skills can I share?

    fire lighting & toasting marsh mellows then dipping them in melted chocolate. my wife is a leader of a cub pack (8-10yo) and there are 30+ boys, only 2 had ever struck a match! most leaders plan a programme several months ahead so dont be put off if you dont get asked to help for a while...
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    Junkyard Bushy

    Hi, put me on the list for one
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    Ox horn neckies.

    Hi Cap'n both arrived and our youngest is one happy chappie, thanks
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    Ox horn neckies.

    Hi Cap'n stunning bit of work, thanks
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    Ox horn neckies.

    Hi, I have sent you an email for 2 more please, Halo & Slipknot thanks
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    Has anyone got one of their products, are they any good? The idea behind them is great. One of the owners of Northface and one of the owners of Apple are on the board. I could not find a supplier in the UK.
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    heads-up - 5.5m tipi tents at £100 posted

    if you are going to open it and check it then that would be great, but if you are planning to keep it wrapped up for a few months then dont open it up just for me.
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    Bivvy bag

    i have a Alpkit Hunka XL, on a scouting leader wet march weather training weekend i slept outside with it without a tarp, i had a 2 season sleeping bag and a liner. i was dry but had a rollmat between it and the ground, because i did not want to get my new bit of kit dirty!
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    Sleeping bag liner

    i have a fleece liner, and as i am vertically challenged this gives me a bit of space at the bottom, if i put a bit of kit in the bottom inside the liner (trousers with one leg inside the other then folded in half, if you know what i mean), or a stick with socks over the ends. then the liner...
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    heads-up - 5.5m tipi tents at £100 posted

    could only find a 4 or 6 berth, does anyone have one of these as i would be interested in any comments.
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    Argos - Pro Action (orange tiger paws)

    out of stock (340/0779) with in the west of scotland. looks good for DofE training
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    Ox horn neckies.

    Hi Cap'n got the neckies, the photos do not do the neckies justice, they are stunning, my family are very very happy. Thanks
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    where did your username comefrom

    clanelliott - we now live in Scotland and a family(clan), its my surname(elliott)
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    Horn neckies..

    PM and email sent for the ones i would like, i must also add the canoe one is stunning
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    Mini hatchets - whaddya think?

    I want one
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    Memory cards

    Morrisons have 4GB microSDHC cards with SD adapters for £7.50
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    Swiss Army Volcano Cooker

    Hi i will have 1 New or grade 1 Thanks
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    DIY Bushcrafting gear book

    Hi John can you send me a copy
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    Flint and Steel fire lighting kits (Dragon's Breath) for sale

    Hi John thanks for the kit, i opened the pouch and started showing my better half how much i can make the sparks can fly in our lives!!(instructions are not for real men), 2nd attempt a shower of sparks that would make a £20 sparkle green with envy. sadly this was my undoing, its alarming the...