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  1. Jackroadkill

    Axes, hultafors length advice please

    I've got the 52cm one and it's great. Light and short enough for even quite niche jobs like pleaching hedges but big enough to buck logs up to about 20cm if you feel the need. The whole range are really good tools.
  2. Jackroadkill

    WW2 axe discovery

    The steel seems very good under initial impressions. It seems very hard and quite durable.
  3. Jackroadkill

    WW2 axe discovery

    Certainly useful: I chopped some kindling with it last night to test it out and despite not having been sharpened in goodness knows how long it did a great job.
  4. Jackroadkill

    WW2 axe discovery

    I did a bit of research and found that apparently the type pictured above were sometimes issued to aircrew, too, but not sure who or when this would have been done.
  5. Jackroadkill

    WW2 axe discovery

    There's a steel tang (head and tang being one piece) and then rubber overmolding completes the handle. There's a bit been lost but it doesn't seem to affect the way the axe works, so no worries there. Yes, but also would have dealt with an aluminium fuselage skin pretty well, I think.
  6. Jackroadkill

    WW2 axe discovery

    Hi all, I made an interesting find yesterday, with a bit of history behind it. About 18 months ago my Nana (Captain Eileen Carter TA MBE) died, and since then her widower, Jim had been talking about moving back to London to be with his daughters. Jim is 96 and was a sergeant pilot during WW2...
  7. Jackroadkill

    A couple from the bootsale!

    Have you got as many knives as you have air rifles?!
  8. Jackroadkill

    Got a hankering

    I use a Victorinox Climber for the most part, but back it up with a raft of others such as a Lansky World Legal, a HH CRKT Liong Mah no.5, Imperial Sodbuster and an Opinel no.5 with the ring removed.
  9. Jackroadkill

    Sold Silky Gomboy 240

    Aye, go on then! PM me your payment details and I'll send funds immediately. Thanks, JRK
  10. Jackroadkill

    What would you keep in yours ?

    Me too - it seems like the obvious thing to do. That said, where I live is 1200 feet up and miles from civilisation, so when the midden hits the windmill we're staying put as we have everything we need right there.
  11. Jackroadkill

    A Very Moulting Tengu

    I work in a school for kids with various ASC diagnoses, so I know where you're coming from regarding being a square peg. However, I've met many square pegs (and identify proudly as one myself) and not that many round holes. Peace and solidarity, Tengu.
  12. Jackroadkill

    Weird & Wonderful Signs

    One from our local town.
  13. Jackroadkill

    What you can afford?

    I work on a farm for the minimum wage, so it's really simple for me - I go by the premise that if if costs X pounds and it would take me Y hours of shovelling muck to pay for it, am I happy with that? If yes, I buy it, if no, then I don't.
  14. Jackroadkill

    Hultafors mini hatchet - any good?

    I bought a Hultafors Agdor Large Trekking Axe for under forty quid and it's a belter of an axe. It sharpens well, holds an edge well, the haft is straight, well-grained and strong. If you're prepared to work it hard you can buck pretty decent sized rounds / trunks or fell with it at a pinch...
  15. Jackroadkill

    Trusty British Surplus Shops ?

    Thanks, I think....! I clicked that link, had a browse and now find myself forty quid worse off!
  16. Jackroadkill

    Bilhooks - anyone use them?

    Which reminds me - I've got an old Elwell Knighton patterned billhook that needs sorting. Now, where did I put it...?
  17. Jackroadkill

    TBS knife?

    I've got a Boar folder in N695, a Wolverine flat grind in N695 and a Boar in K720. I quite like them all. The steels wouldn't necessarily be my first choice but they perform pretty well. The only criticisms I have is that the Boar performs very poorly when trying to use it with a firesteel...
  18. Jackroadkill

    Seax WIP

    Looks like a tine from an old seed drill or something.
  19. Jackroadkill

    Couple of bushcrafters almost done

    That's very pretty indeed.
  20. Jackroadkill

    Sometimes i really wonder....

    We had a new lady start at work last January and we were all sat in the morning meeting. Our boss asked us all to introduce ourselves to the new lady and say something about ourselves to break the ice. All was going well until someone (you can probably guess who) said "My name's Owen, and I...