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  1. stevec

    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    Lochaber MRT has posted on Facebook, they are against people being forced to get insurance for this. They say the people were not UK nationals and were unaware of where to find mountain weather info. It was also shown the level of their appreciation, bottle of scotch, 2 wine, 2 chocolate, card...
  2. stevec

    Alu bottle for making 'stuff'

    This is what they look like
  3. stevec

    Alu bottle for making 'stuff'

    Some of us make those little meths stoves, and I have seen the little oil lamps or trench candle that some people make. I was in Sainsbury's the other day and saw they had a new cold coffee on sale, I certainly wouldn't pay full price, the 'coffee' contained within is dirt, but the bottle is...
  4. stevec

    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    if you want a nice folder with a good strong spring then you need to speak to shing, or fine someone who has one for sale. there is a nice shing recurve on EM at the moment. its not mine, nor do i have any affiliation with the chap selling it.
  5. stevec

    Word association game

  6. stevec

    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    Hi rich, yes 2 blade serpentine jacks. One is D2/Ti very slim. The other is 52100 with solid brass scales milled out for Di scales. The only Shing I wish I had got a chance at buying was a 3 blade stockman. To be honest these were the pics I had left on my phone from the knife a day thread on...
  7. stevec

    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    Dress up would be one of these,
  8. stevec

    New trespass laws......

    As it happens the potential for this to be applied to stop environmental activism is what concerns me the most. Sheffield has recently experienced a ppi where the council has been removing street trees, and has been using some rather interesting laws to get it done. Things are changing I hope...
  9. stevec

    New trespass laws......

    Indeed, I don't like politics, and I can't abide politicians, I posted as I recall a thread recently about the legal aspects of having a knife or axe when camping on land without the permission of the landowner.
  10. stevec

    New trespass laws......

    So it would seem that the government is aiming to criminalise any trespass but is aiming to go for people intending to reside. The questions posed in the government papers are along the lines of 'do we want to only criminalise trespass if there is intent to reside' Article is an option piece by...
  11. stevec

    Free Compass App and other usefull free Outdoor Apps for Android Smartphones?

    Hamgps is a good compas/position application. It's possible to switch on the camera and overlay the compas on that.
  12. stevec

    Northern monk /haze beer

    Depends on what you like, I have a wide ranging taste so the strong ipa that sells for 8 cans a tenner is fine, but saw this and thought it worth a go. From my local indie beer shop in Sheffield moor market.
  13. stevec

    Northern monk /haze beer

    Found a tin of the latest haze colab beer. Based on the Nevis recipe beer, just not as expensive. Looking forward to it, I'll leave it in the cellar to settle and cool for a few days.
  14. stevec

    I am Pretending I am Allright...

    I can't comment on post grad qualifications, but ug exams where I work are double marked as a matter of course and depending on the variance of those triple marked. However, complaints of bias will be properly investigated by senior faculty members as any uni needs to be seen to be doing it...
  15. stevec

    Sold FTP bush knife

    Just contact Rob and ask him if he's making any more, he's a very friendly chap and a pleasure to do business with. I'm just a happy customer, got a woody, bushtool and FTP. ATB Steve
  16. stevec

    One knot to bind them all.

    Figure 8 for loops Round turn and 2 half hitches Zeplin bend, great for tying 2 lines together including bungy cord
  17. stevec

    tin candle holder

    Well I liked this thread and decided to have a try myself. I had an altoids tin and some thin stainless wire. First off I needed to remove some of the polymer coating on the tin, then I had a quick go with some wet and dry before a bit of brasso. Wilko taper candles, 2 quid a pack of 10, the tin...
  18. stevec

    Word association game

  19. stevec

    Hedgehog house

    For the past couple of months my daughter has been taking about making a hedgehog house. I looked at the rspb plans and thought they looked a bit complex so went my own way with it. We had a fun morning making it. She tried sawing, but found it to hard going, was ok with the drill doing starter...
  20. stevec

    Bush hat suggestions?

    Like the look of the varusteleka hat. I have an old (2003) tnf brimmer hat. The brim got a bit to floppy so I got one of those pop out sunshades for the car and took the spring steel out of it and fed it through the outer edge of the brim. Using the twist and fold method you use for those...