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  1. Ogri the trog

    Holistic Homestead Energy Systems.

    I read a few books and did the standard Youtube research to get the basic principle, but made it out of what was to hand - main body was from 2" galvanized iron gas pipe, with a few bits bodged to fit, made my own leaf spring and plate valve, used a stainless steel filter housing as the riser /...
  2. Ogri the trog

    Holistic Homestead Energy Systems.

    Ram pumps - I built one about 15-ish years ago and it still sits in the stream bed on the edge of our land. Built from scrap that was being thrown away from a place I worked, it take its in-feed through a 1 inch iron pipe at about 6 feet head pressure - and can pull about a ton of water per 24...
  3. Ogri the trog

    For Sale Two Dogs Bush Shirt

    Thank you TDA, I hope you find something suitable soon. With thanks.
  4. Ogri the trog

    For Sale Two Dogs Bush Shirt

    Second dibs if TDA doesn't want it please. PM to follow
  5. Ogri the trog

    Paleo Meal Pack - Homemade Cheap

    Seems like the sort of place where someone might know where to buy a reasonable pemmican - all I can find so far are recipes to make my own. That might become the case in the future but for now, I'm looking to buy. UK based if possible. Any ideas?
  6. Ogri the trog

    eny one in the oswestry an north wales area

    Foothills of the Cambrian Mountains - Llanidloes here.
  7. Ogri the trog

    Merry Christmas all

    Wishing Peace and Tranquility to everyone.
  8. Ogri the trog

    For Sale Loden wool cloak

    G'nnnnnn I could have got by on one kidney right! Probably just as well I didn't see this earlier!
  9. Ogri the trog

    Challenge - never bring anything to start a fire

    If you find an old wasps nest, that might be worth a shot, not tried myself with flint & steel, but there are a few old nests in the sheds around here!
  10. Ogri the trog

    Seasoned and chopped firewood at the Moot

    Tone - I'm thinking of your shoulder - honestly! As to wet wood off the pile - Matt, Sarge & I were getting sprayed with each stroke of the maul a few years ago, splitting (i should say "trying to split") that Holm Oak - that was one time I was looking out for hidden camera's - it was absorbing...
  11. Ogri the trog

    Seasoned and chopped firewood at the Moot

    I don't intend to have a permanent fire (well, that's the official line), but something smoldering to keep the bugs at bay, the occasional BBQ and an evening flare up - would be welcome - maybe a (ahem) share(!) would be an easy option this year - certainly if our options for foraged logs is...
  12. Ogri the trog

    For Sale Tarps, a sleeping bag and a Jerven

    Argh, this is not helping - been watching this thread since I got in form work, almost hoping that someone else would bite - but it looks like \i'm going to have to step up.. Jerven bag please PM to follow
  13. Ogri the trog

    Site photos

    I like what you did there Tony - "... when we're there next month" makes it feel like its just around the corner. Not quite the clearance felling that I had envisioned - but it looks like any breeze could cut right through the place. Thanks all, fears allayed! Why Oh Why did they not remove...
  14. Ogri the trog

    Site photos

    Does anyone have any photos of the site from the winter or spring Moot, or at least since the estate have performed the tree removal since last year. I hear it has changed quite a bit and I'd like to see what its like so I can adjust my kit for this years visit. Cheers
  15. Ogri the trog

    For Sale Clearing out unused gear 2

    Yes please Stiks PM to follow ATB
  16. Ogri the trog

    Do we have a responsibility or accountability? (discussion)

    You can be as diligent as you want making and editing a Youtube video, but if the watcher perceives your points incorrectly, who can be said to be at fault? The creator has done all he can to portray a skill - but if the watcher does no further research, more fool him! I have seen many cases of...
  17. Ogri the trog

    Sold DD Adventure Packs (like response packs)

    Yes please Woodcutter PM on its way Cheers
  18. Ogri the trog

    cooking tuna in its tin

    Yup, been doing it for years, warms the meal up, imparts a barbecue flavor and doesn't really use up that much oil, there's still plenty left after 10 minutes of burning. ATB
  19. Ogri the trog

    Yesterday morning, bright sunshine...

    We had a few flurries while it was still light last night - I went out at about ten to nine to get some coal and came back in looking like a snowman. Kate, seeing me, wrapped up to go and feed the (outdoor) cats, stepping out of the door probably two minutes after I'd come in - by which time it...
  20. Ogri the trog

    Spoon carving frustrations

    One of the best pieces of advice I was given came from you Tony. Some years ago you advised that "a spoon had to fit three places - your hand, your bowl and your mouth!" Admittedly, I had already tried several spoons by that time, and I don't carve that many, but it struck a note with me and...