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    Note taking...what do you use?

    Notes app on my iPhone, you add to it for ever, you can transfer it to a file on the Mac and you can print whenever you want in any style, size or format that pleases you For the time when I must have an absolutely bullet proof / no technology item its a pocket size waterproof paper note book...
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    Project complete: Finnish Billhook Jungle Tools

    What a cracking tool. I wish I had some of your talent
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    Make your axe bushcraft ready

    wow, you made the leather work deceptively easy
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    Brilliant bushcraft knife.

    Thought I'd post it for you but it turns out you have to be a full member If you're not you have to use a hosting site
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    Traditional kit

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    jb weld on knife blade

    Important Disclaimer Being a manly man and not a nailpolish wearing type I have no experience of such things. Any rumours of nail polish and nail polish solvent being found amongst my my airgun tools is just that, a rumour & unproven. And if it was to be found there it would be because nail...
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    jb weld on knife blade

    FW, A thread came up on Nathan's Ballistic Studies forum for removing matchgrade bedding compound from a barrel. Seems like it might apply to your situation. "Soak the areas with a solvent. Nail polish remover can be useful for this. After a few minutes, chip the compound away. Do NOT sand...
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    Is the search function broken?

    I've used that here with great success in the past However I thought it was supposed to be either site: or site:// Regardless I couldn't drum any results using either of my versions or yours which is very strange. I can only conclude that...
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    Is the search function broken?

    Thank you Toddy
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    Is the search function broken?

    Hi all, Yesterday & today my attempts to search return the two error messages listed below. Is there some thing wrong with the search function or am incredibly unlucky? "BushcraftUK Community - Error" "The following error occurred: the search could not be completed. Please try again later."
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    Arktis Avenger - anyone tried it?

    Artic what model windproof did you get from them?
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    Stone Holder

    Awesome, just what I need for the kitchen. Many thanks.
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    Stone Holder

    great idea:emoji_thumbsup: at g4ghb & crosslandkelly come on chaps, us spatially challenged types need photos :0)
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    OD Bergen Hip Strap

    "I could move hoose with a 100l!" If you emptied it out you could step into it and be half way to having an emergency shelter :0) I may be wrong but at 6' 2" I don't think the waist belt is going to offer any help in supporting the load on your hips. Perhaps think about some thing with an...
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    OD Bergen Hip Strap

    Too small? Are you referring to the packs volume, or its torso length? Two torso lengths - short back and long back. The long back is longer and thinner, only by a few inches zip up the sides (with the side pockets off), the main sack reduces to perhaps 70lt size. The short back is shorter...
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    OD Bergen Hip Strap

    I have the long back bergen and the waist strap sits very nicely hip wise but its narrow. I thought that the hip pads on the backpacker might add width over the pelvis & improve weight distribution etc. HTH
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    OD Bergen Hip Strap

    I was thinking that the removable backpacker might work for you, its a combination of lumbar pad and hip pads.
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    OD Bergen Hip Strap

    I'd be interested in hearing ideas on this as well. When I was looking into this I came across a couple of firms offering various mods for bergans including "Removable Bergan back padder - £35" & the "Gull Wing Back Protector - £85" The other thought I had was...
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    A quick Neck Knife

    +1 on simple and effective but ........ your original with the Ebony handle is absolutely awesome. Very nice indeed