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  1. Tonyuk

    Boot Wax

    I use either leder gris or g-wax. Used to use kiwi till it ruined a pair of lowa boots (Over many years in fairness). I remember 'back in the day' we got issued 2 pairs of combat high's. We were told to get them soaked then we laced them tight and a went a tab in them. After that back in the...
  2. Tonyuk

    So what did Santa bring you?

    A rather bad chest infection, therefore the big man in red provided copious lemsips and ibuprofen this year. As a well as a sweater, t-shirt and a new pair of shoes.
  3. Tonyuk

    Blasted squirrels

    I have squirrels getting into the loft at the moment, although i've sealed up the only entrance i could see. Crafty buggers are still getting in somehow. I bought a trap similar to the below...
  4. Tonyuk

    Hammock under blanket/quilt, are they any good?

    I would recommend synthetic. I hate sleeping in a hammock, but carrying around a wet down bag would really suck.
  5. Tonyuk

    Word association game

  6. Tonyuk

    Surplus clothing that's similar to civilian clothing?

    Older surplus kit in olive green etc.. can look alright. Personally i think that you should just stick with modern civvie clothing. Although i do like my furry swedish army hat, dutch mitts and an old german parka., classy me.
  7. Tonyuk

    Zebra billy. 14 or 16cm?

    Have a look into the Tatonka kettles. They call them kettles but its just a name, definitely still pots. I prefer them to zebra's since they're more shorter and wider than taller and narrow, spreads the heat better. The handle sort-of locks in place, the lid can be used as a plate or frying...
  8. Tonyuk

    Trousers (warmish)

    How warm are we talking here? Decathlon selling skiing sallopettes for reasonable money and a decent fit. Far too warm for walking about over here though. I use a mix of trousers, usually its its just a bimble then i have a few pairs by North Face, there a lightweight material and very quick...
  9. Tonyuk

    Thin over mitts - for covering dachsteins

    Those look like the standard under-mitts. They'll probably be too tight a fit with another pair inside them. I would go for a plain unlined pair, the issue goretex liners are decent for the money.
  10. Tonyuk

    Prana hooded wool shirt

    Never liked the idea of a wool shirt myself. But if i was getting one to use outdoors i don't think i would buy one made in India, everything i've ever had from there has been horrible quality wise, where as stuff from china etc.. seems to be getting better everyday. Craighoppers sell a basic...
  11. Tonyuk

    What did you buy today?

    Its not teflon, the old stuff was (apparently) the new one is anodised aluminium. The new set-up is lighter but a good bit larger overall, if your planning to do anything other than heat water with it i would recommend a trangia burner, instead of solid fuel. Some kind of lid is also a good...
  12. Tonyuk

    Montane Hydrogen Extreme smock VS Extreme Smock

    I wouldn't bother about wearing layers underneath these smocks, a baselayer only for me. Due to the pile lining they grip almost like velcro to anything under them unless it has a smooth surface, a microfleece etc.. would be a complete pain. What i recommend; - Baselayer, synthetic or merino...
  13. Tonyuk

    3 Season sleepingbag....for the winter?!

    What is your current bag rated for? And what temperatures will you be expecting? The warmth of a bag can be increased with a better mat, a liner and a bivvy bag, as well as sleeping in a shelter such as a tent etc.. However, by the time you add in those, plus any blankets etc.. You might be...
  14. Tonyuk

    Bulldog axes

    Looks like your basic b&q etc.. axe. Look into Fiskars and husquvarna, as well as hults bruk. You'll get axes from them ready to go straight out the packaging.
  15. Tonyuk

    Who is ALICE?

    The dutch got issued a fantastic bergen not that long ago, came in their version of DPM. It had wider and better padded straps with an adjustable back, no idea if you'll find them now but they were much better than the issue bergen. They had a good patrol pack too in the same DPM.
  16. Tonyuk

    Knife handle advice needed

    I use teak oil for my axes, works well.
  17. Tonyuk

    Montane Hydrogen Extreme smock VS Extreme Smock

    The hydrogen is similar to the rab guide jacket, which is like a light pile/pertex system. I prefer the montane extreme, and the rab for the warmer weather. Both are too warm to walk in most times of the year imo. If your wanting a layer for warmth then they can be good but even a cheap-ish...
  18. Tonyuk

    Trouble sleeping.

    For whatever reason i haven't had a good sleep in weeks, i've been trying to sleep since 2230 and still here at 0100. Going to go for a run more often and probably for a good long walk tomorrow, haven't had any caffeine either. Sometimes i find forcing yourself to get up a good bit earlier than...
  19. Tonyuk

    Candle in the Wind?

    Soaked to the bone yesterday and today, just finished ringing out my outer layer.
  20. Tonyuk

    Winter footwear?

    For work i still wear either shoes or dress boots, cheap-ish ones with a rubber sole + warm socks. Out and up the hills just a good pair of boots and warm socks. In the really deep snow of last winter i added a pair of gaiters with the boots. For Norway however you'll want some proper cold...