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  1. reddeath

    berghaus dart 43

    I've a small Philips dab radio if your still looking?
  2. reddeath

    Air Rifle and several pistols(co2 and airsoft)

    Pm sent re: TM M9
  3. reddeath

    My Take on the Bushtool.

    looks excellent and yet such a simple idea - like everyone else i wait the next installment with baited breath
  4. reddeath

    Making Beef Jerky In an Oven

    i just made my 1st batch of oven jerky today mighty impressed but alas the smoke has allured me and i dont recolect seeing liquid stuff in shops - would them hickory chips in a tray on the oven floor work?
  5. reddeath

    Makin Jerky

    dont mean to jack this thread but ive also just made my first batch of home made jerky and used this reciepe - soy sauce and salt n pepper was your fault Draven its was yours pics i couldnt resist. dont think i used enough soy as the over riding taste was the pepper for me but im happy with...
  6. reddeath

    Clipper kydex

    stop teasing man, bring em on excellent work, fair play to ya
  7. reddeath

    Brecon Beacons

    ahhh the fan dance....... so glad im older, fatter and living even further away from brecon than ever before
  8. reddeath

    Survival Jokes

    the others are good but this is magic!!!! nice one bob
  9. reddeath

    free Ceramic rods

    likewise what everyone has said - pm inbound, thank you very much
  10. reddeath

    Carving knife in the hat

    starting mine this weekend - looking forward to seeing pics so i can pre-judge my effort lol
  11. reddeath

    Mountain Equipment Trousers

    30" - well thats one leg covered....hmm what will i do with the other one????
  12. reddeath

    Titanium 2pc cookset - interested ??

    agreed whole heartidely sp?
  13. reddeath

    Free leather

    er if there is any left......:)
  14. reddeath

    Will it Jerky?

    ok ok now i need jerky! i dont have the facilities / time etc to make my own but i adore the stuff i used to buy it over ebay from the states but it costs as much in postage as it does for the product i like simple plain old smoky or a teriyaky? flavouring and im not fussy on meat - cow/...
  15. reddeath

    Petzl Zoom

    withdrawn from trade, thankyou
  16. reddeath

    Replacement Boots any ideas

    another vote for pro- boots
  17. reddeath

    Petzl Zoom

    its used but not much for a fiver ill be keeping it, thanks
  18. reddeath

    Petzl Zoom

    thanks for that - ok trade re- valuation, 15 quid WITH the 4x aa adapter remember the halogen bulb has a beam not just bright n shiny like an LED thanks Sapper still same things im looking for ( not expecting all of them more of this is a wants list) response pack ( the ebay molle on e...
  19. reddeath

    Petzl Zoom

    54 views and no bite - is this overpriced?
  20. reddeath

    Need Scales - ironwood

    cocobola it is, ive heard nasty reports about working with it, any thoughts/ advice