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    Homemade woodgas stove, flatbread and coffee

    Hi there, look up cowboy coffee on you tube. Think you might like the idea.
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    Hello From Cape Cod Massachusetts

    Nice area you live in. Welcome to the forum.
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    Kent group pub meet - 10th March

    It's not that I don't want to come, but will be doing 12hr days and got lots of them :p might try and go straight from work for a quick one and meet all. No promises.
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    Kent Group March Day Out - 16th March

    No chance, earning money!!!!
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    Kent group pub meet - 10th March

    Pleased it went ok, what time do you meet? If not to late might try and get to the next one but work is going to be manic, getting old and body just can't take the abuse it used to.
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    Kent meetup

    Just seen this thread as been to busy to check in lately, however I am interested but unfortunately I am the wrong shift on that date. And I am then on a long outage working all hours and days. So looks like I will have to miss this one, but I will keep an eye out now for any future dates for a...
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    Biker's Cabin in the Woods (with WiFi)

    Great blog, and very jealous. Will be watching with interest.
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    Trying my hand at blacksmithing!

    When you have talent, which you obviously do I believe you can do almost any craft and do it well. So carry on and show us more.
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    Koeye River Weir (the ultimate bushcraft project!)

    Beautiful pictures, oh so very jealous. Would love to visit one day.
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    Really good buy

    Got to agree, cheapest form of motoring. Just got me a Nissan primera r reg for £400 starts on the button, drives like a dream and can load it up with my fishing gear, camping gear. And best of all rubbish to the hilt to drop off at the local dump, opps sorry recycling centre.
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    Two old knives from the man cave

    Both gone, why oh why do I see these things to late :(
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    Omg is this a wind up????

    Bloody hell your right, what a good price ;)
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    Lesson of the day.....

    Just to say RIGGER BOOTS they just kick off :rolleyes:
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    Recommended amounts of daily fluid intake are so much mince

    Reading through this thread, then bamm out comes this. Still laughing now as I tap away. And for my penny's worth, I work in industry were temps rang from ambient to 67degC and it's a power plant in case you wondered. And I can either drink maybe 2litres or 5litres a day, guess why anybody...
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    Bronze age boat replica

    Fantastic, love that bit of history coming back to life. Thanks for sharing :)
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    Check it out - the latest Bushcraft compatible outerwear

    Well I think I could buy three good quality coats for that money, oh that's right I only need one at a time so save myself the extra money for beer:lmao: Come to think of it I don't wear a helmet so would the hood be bloody big without one?
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    Cardio/Weights Beginner Plan?

    How about a light run to your gym sessions, this will get you warmed up. Then do your basic exercise first I.e. Squats on leg days, bench press on chest days, and deadlift on back days. The exercises you add to these days can vary, trying to change these every three months. Start with three days...
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    Canoe Sailing

    Nice, very jealous you live near there? Love the little sail think I will look into one of them.
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    Wilderness Gathering?

    Might try and get down Saturday but as usual to much going on in my life.
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    Kent newbies

    Well please pm me any dates and I could well be up for a camp ;)