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  1. Totumpole

    Day Out The Fallen Oak (pt2) - Eggs, Trout and Pot Hangers

    Looks like a great day out in the woods. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Totumpole

    A simple Chuck Box

    That looks awesome, great work! Good idea to use some cheapo drawers in there, might steal that idea for some future car camping kitchen build
  3. Totumpole


    After looking at the various ways to track down fat wood I decided to have a little explore in a pine plantation on the side of the highway. Fairly un-inspiring place with neat rows of fairly young pine trees broken into plots by dry creek beds. Kicked around in the first pile of rotting...
  4. Totumpole

    Trip Report Riverside Trip

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Totumpole

    Knife Scale Failure - Advice Wanted

    I had been at it with some 800 grit wet & dry paper. I wasn't happy the surface of the repair was without cracks & gaps so I went back and repeated the process. I went a bit harder on the sanding his time and then polished it up with my usual beeswax/turps/linseed wood polish and it looks a...
  6. Totumpole

    Knife Scale Failure - Advice Wanted

    So as I mentioned, I went with the superglue. I'm inpatient and its what I had in the house. Unfortunately, it wasn't super thin, but seems to have done the trick. First I taped around the areas with electrical tape, to try and minimise spillage and spread to the surrounding knife. On the Ben...
  7. Totumpole

    Knife Scale Failure - Advice Wanted

    Thanks for all the responses. Many great ideas. Yeah, I worry about that a little. That stuff looks ideal. I live in Australia now and a brief look at google I can't see an equivalent product without shipping from the UK. I'm home for a visit later in the year, might pick some up if I can...
  8. Totumpole

    Knife Scale Failure - Advice Wanted

    Thanks for the prompt response Stew. I'll give that a go.
  9. Totumpole

    Knife Scale Failure - Advice Wanted

    I was having a look at my old faithful Ben Orford knife. It has served me well for many years now, and remains a firm favourite. I was horrified to notice that it seems the scale seems to be starting to come away from the tang. The gap is minute, but I can definitely suck air through it. I...
  10. Totumpole

    For Sale Vagabond bag - bushcraft version

    That is a stunner! Free bump
  11. Totumpole

    2013 Defender

    I only wish I did mate!
  12. Totumpole

    I owe the forum an explanation.

    Sounds like life did a real number on you! I've seen the toll severe bouts of illness take on people both mentally and physically and I'm glad that you are coming good. I have to say many don't and ill health commands their life. Best of luck catching up on your back orders.
  13. Totumpole

    Fallkniven F1D cos re handle wip

    Absolute beauty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Totumpole

    Sold **last Price drop**Bayley S4 Survival knife

    I've got the same knife in green micarta. Great knife that isn't easy to come by, and thats a good price. I'm still hesitant to put mine to good use!
  15. Totumpole

    Another F1D re handle

    Thing of beauty!
  16. Totumpole

    Woodlore knife

    Don’t give people ideas!
  17. Totumpole

    Damascus Pattern Steel

    Well that is a good trick to know! Now I just need to invest in some Damascan steel knives! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Totumpole


    Love the defender, but never owned one. Been making do with my '97 disco which is a very capable vehicle(love it to bits too really), but it's unfortunately being upgraded to something with a few more airbags to keep SWMBO happy about the safety of the growing family.
  19. Totumpole

    Stuart Mitchell Sgian Dubh

    That is a nice looking little knife! Enjoy it K
  20. Totumpole

    Your picture of the day...

    A bit of campfire cooking...