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  1. smojo

    help needed on Swedish M39 jacket sizings

    Fancying one of the wool Swedish M39 jackets and been researching sizes. Getting conflicting info. One Ebay seller in Lithuania seems to be able to supply many different sizes but is saying that 96U is equivalent to a 105cm chest (about 41.5 inches) whereas others are saying a 96 is 38 inches...
  2. smojo

    axe restoring the edge shape

    Hi, got some old axes that I'm retoring. The bit edges of some are terrible and the original arc shape has gone - like they are flattened or too curved. I saw an article somehwere showing you how to re-draw the correct arc before filing/grinding it and it used a pair of compasses but I can't...
  3. smojo

    advice on thread for sewing leather with machine please

    I've got some soft leather and a good heavy duty Singer sewing machine. I want to make some pouches etc. Had a go with some heavy duty cotton thread but the bobbin struggles a bit (thread probably too thick) and the tension gets screwed up and bunches sometimes. So I wondered what can the...
  4. smojo

    renovating old axes - advice on handles please

    I've picked up a few old axes on car boot sales. All need new handles/hafts. I don't want to spend a fortune on the hafts and I've seen Faithful hickory ones for sale at reasonable prices. Firstly are Faithful any good? Secondly I have two big felling axe heads, one being a 6.5lb Elwell and the...
  5. smojo

    sharpening augers

    Picked up some old scotch eye augers on car boot sale. Cutting tips not too badly worn. I have tried to sharpen them using small files and keeping to original angles got the edges pretty sharp. Tried them on some scrap sycamore but they still rip the grain as they cut across...
  6. smojo

    Making and using Amadou - is it worth the effort

    I have access to a reasonable amount of horse hoof fungus. I've seen vids on how to make Amadou and it seems long-winded and faffy for the apparently small amount you get out of it. I've never used any but is it really worth the effort? Can you use it to take a spark and is it as good as char...
  7. smojo

    Easy sewing machine projects - suggestions please

    I've restored a lovely old singer sewing machine. I'm a complete novice to sewing but I managed to make a few small drawstring stuff bags and a tool roll for drill bits on it. I bought John Fenna's excellent bushcraft projects book but most of the sewing projects are a little too big or complex...
  8. smojo

    advice needed on vintage sewing machines and needles

    I know next to nothing about sewing machines. I Just acquired my mums old CWS Federation treadle machine (think it's similar to Jones machines). She reckons it's about 90 years old. Just put new belt on it and lubricated the mechanics and it seems to be running fine. It's got a needle in it but...
  9. smojo

    how do you get photos to show up

    Tried to add photos to a post but when I click on the INSERT IMAGE icon , all I get is the option to add a URL link presumably to a photo hosting site. I want actual photos on the post so what's the issue please?
  10. smojo

    Please help me build my first knife

    Complete newbie here. I just bought a heat treated neck knife blank off Primitiveman here. Very nice it is too. I'm pretty handy with most things and got a decent set of tools. I've watched vids of knifemaking and got a rough idea of what I'm doing but need a bit of hand-holding so I don't make...
  11. smojo

    What to put in car BoB

    Tried searching for old posts but it says BoB words are too common so I'm starting this but probably been asked before. Anyway might be a different slant on it. Putting together a very basic BoB to keep in the car and started thinking about it. Some say a BoB should carry enough for 72 hours but...
  12. smojo

    old stone-working chisels

    I have dozens of old stone-working chisels and don't know what to do with them. I wondered if they could be used by metal workers/blacksmithy people here for reworking into knives or something on the basis that they must be made from pretty hard steel. What do you reckon. If anyone is interested...
  13. smojo

    ideas for small woodcarving projects

    Hi I've just started doing a bit of hand woodcarving with knives and made a few small spoons. Just wondered what else I could make that's simple and that is useful rather than just decorative. Any ideas guys?
  14. smojo

    How do I start a blog

    Can't see any options for starting my own blog. Do you have to be a paying member to start one or what? Thanks
  15. smojo

    Finding a woodland spot for a day out bushcrafting

    Hi I'm a newbie and just getting started with some bushcraft activity. I've had a few half days exploring local woods, foraging and just enjoying the place. I'd like to take it a step further and have a crack at finding kindling and firewood and starting a fire from found material and maybe...
  16. smojo

    Hello from West Yorkshire - another ayup

    Hi everyone. Just joined to see what might be going on around my neck of the woods (pun intended). I'm 62 years old and retired now -probably started this a bit too late but I love walking and nature and woodlands and photography. Bought a few bits and bobs to practise some bushcraft skills -...