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    air rifle

    ( mods if this.thread is in the wrong section please move accordingly) Hi I as a Pest Control Contractor so I'm used to dealing with Hazardous waste etc (amd hazardous ppl) I currently use a Hammerli 22 breakbarrel. It has served me well over the last ten years but find it a...
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    n 1Hi can anyone recommend me a hammock setup I'm looking for something relatively lightweight. But with an arctic rating but some thing like a 3 in 1 but wide and long
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    an apology

    An apology To the guys on the board I know of late been rather abrupt from time to time, and even ranted once or twice I want to apologise to anyone I have offended. (John) As some of you know I have a upcoming court- case. I'm due appear as witness for the prosecution. In a cyber-stalking...
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    Hi all I'm putting this up in case anyone interested (west mids only) I currently work as a carpenter in the.wm. however. One company ( my mate has access to)has an excess of waste timber mostly broken pallets and 3x3 timbers. All of which is ideal for woodburners...
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    camp- feuer tipi review

    Ok so I said I'd do a quick review my first tipi I'm impressed. Even though i paid 80 quid on amazon (from am ex catalogue shop) The design is simple the seam stitching is pretty good... And the material is pretty strong.aswell There are however thingsin the tipi that...
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    calling all tech wizards HELP

    Er I'm hoping some one can help with a technical problem First off I should make it perfectly clear I haven't owned a pc for a bout 4 almost 5 yrs never had intenet until 4 months ago I now own.a pc my old man built and I'm having issues with it ove been in the process off scanning.all my...
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    Citing Well I've waited almost a month and now I have it. My tipi was delivered Monday morning Darned aggravating not having a working computer. Or internet. Ordered it through our mother's amazon account Unpacked it and.had a quick once over, looks.pretty well made waiting for Britton wood...
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    how long you long.have you been a bushy amd where ?

    So here I was. In town chatting to a couple.of my.mates "our boys" from the local barracks and we're talking BushCraft. Etc etc Chris turns round asks if.I'm interested in.doing.the.grand.canyon (known him for.20 yrs ) been some.interesting.places with him So heres.the.question how long.have...
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    three peaks

    Hi all I'm considering organising a charity event in support of a charity I support I'm yet to finalise details but would appreciate support and welcome fellow hikers.. Basically the challenge involves hiking Ben Nevis, Snowdonia, and conistons Old Man in one week All funds raised will be...
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    close call

    I've always been into rifles and hft etc so I'm kinda accustomed to ppl using common.sense (it ain't that common) only to have a very near miss Its always been a rule that you.never leave a loaded gun lying around So yesterday I was out tidying one of my fathers sheds hadnt noticed the rifle...
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    It's great being a booter the amazing bits of kit One finds (but then im actually sellin) My only problem is that I dont own a car ( yes I passed test few years back) So here The next bit ok I'm photosensitive but its rather mild. That mild that's its never stopped me from.obtaining.driving...
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    pyramid tent

    Ok so I've been looking at gettin a couple of new tents the Torre Lite for overnight backpacking and a second for those long weekends Spotted one I like but unsure. It's a Mil-tec 4 man pyramid tipi tent (olive green) will need to add a collar for my stove flue Anyone else got any exp...
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    knife project

    I'm working on a project. Might seem a dumb question those pins u use to fix the grip to the blade What are they called AMD where would I get some
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    uni-com head torch

    Ok so I've got quite a few lamps and torches bit frankly was getting annoyed with the windup lamps. I have a small gas lantern which is prett good bit wanted something a little smaller I've seen these LEDs head torches around and never paid much attention to em Ok so I bought one (uni-com)...
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    Magpie's. Interesting birds with a penchant for anything shiny bits metal wire and keys Me I'm a Magpie I scavenge, it's surprising what one canals yer hands on when one is a chronic skip diver alway something that can be repurposed brass letterbox's. Today it's cast iron pan rests
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    I've always been convinced that pigeons are dumb Sure enuf my suspicions were confirmed Last sat I got called out to deal with a few ferals Turned up at a factory store there was about 30 or so above a Hatchway and a a few more perched on a rafter below of coarse I got to work outcome...
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    very wierd

    Ya now sometimes. I cannot figure ppl out. Seems some prety weird stuff has been going on I had a conversation the other wik Me and a mate are on the phone. He's talking a bout Face-ache (seems some idiot was running me down on it (some twit from one of my firms contracts reckoned I'd...
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    possible meet up

    Hi all I've recently been looking at organising regular meetups I'm already looking at two sites but the one is near Ross on Wye ( actually in the forest of dean ) ideally located if one simply wants to take a walk round the woods and do a bit of wildlife spotting photography etc etc Would...
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    salvage metal

    For all those in the west midlands If u need stainless steel Carbon steel Mild steel Galv steel Brass ( plate ) Copper GEO Johnson metals. In Coseley They buy and sell on the gate at a fair price
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    some of my favourites

    i ve been intending to put some of my photos up for a few weeks however by my own admission i am not great with technology these photos are from several of my canadian expedition's from "02,03,04" personally i like landscapes and lakes rivers and waterfalls all of the following shots were taken...