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  1. Dark Horse Dave

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    On the tasteless blackberries, I wonder if that was anything to do with how they were oriented in relation to the sun? There's an expression south is sweet or something like that. Just a thought.
  2. Dark Horse Dave

    For the Skrama fans

    Thanks; that's useful.
  3. Dark Horse Dave

    For the Skrama fans

    Many thanks Bob. I'm sure you must have come across the mathematical formula which applies to bladed tools, whereby the number you need is N+1? N of course referring to the number you have now. I am tempted by the 110 in fact - but have been challenged in a similar way, so we'll see. The Skrama...
  4. Dark Horse Dave

    For the Skrama fans

    Thanks Bob. You have one of their puukkos don't you? I don't recall which one it was, but seem to remember that you were happy with it (& you are a satisfied customer after all!) A few quick questions if I may: what length blade did you get, are you still happy with it and/or would you choose...
  5. Dark Horse Dave

    Hot tent, sausage and mash, wood clearing, birthday weekend.

    That's a lot of stove in a small tent! Lovely to be so toasty though I'll bet. Happy belated birthday!
  6. Dark Horse Dave

    Trip Report Winter Daypack Challenge

    Nice write-up. As you observe yourself, you could reduce still further if you want to. Just as a thought to throw in, I've taken a second nesting cup with me to fit over a Nalgene-sized bottle (ie one on the top, one on the bottom); that way you don't take up any more space but can then have a...
  7. Dark Horse Dave

    Deer for Winter Moot

    We'd be up for a deer!
  8. Dark Horse Dave

    Winter Moot 2020 - 17 - 23rd Feb

    I'd be interested Tim but don't think I'll need half a tonne; maybe if others were to join in it'd be worth doing? Oh, and at Autumn Moot I spent a fair bit of time in my own camp (unsociable git!)
  9. Dark Horse Dave

    Amazing video (and channel).

    Nice one Mat - thanks!
  10. Dark Horse Dave

    Starting a new job!

    Best of luck John
  11. Dark Horse Dave

    Bone needles

    Thanks John, I think I understand how they work now! Also thanks to Woody girl; I might have a go with those [emoji846] Sent from my moto e(6) plus using Tapatalk
  12. Dark Horse Dave

    Bone needles

    They look good John. For the needles, did you just hammer some thick wire flat and go from there? Also, how does a belt hook work? Sent from my moto e(6) plus using Tapatalk
  13. Dark Horse Dave

    Bone needles

    Made from camel bone by the way Sent from my moto e(6) plus using Tapatalk
  14. Dark Horse Dave

    Bone needles

    I've had a go at making some myself ( but hadn't thought of decorating them; might have to have another play....) Here are my efforts. The one at the top was shaped with flint, drilled with a flint burin (hand drill) and smoothed by rubbing on sandstone. I used modern tools for the other two...
  15. Dark Horse Dave

    Bone needles

    Thanks John!
  16. Dark Horse Dave

    Bone needles

    Really nice work - as always - John. How did you do the decoration?
  17. Dark Horse Dave

    Trip Report Forest Knights May Trip to Finland

    Great report Tim; thanks for taking the time to do it. Fab trip too; I'd love to do it myself some day.
  18. Dark Horse Dave

    What’s stopping you?

    That's more Harry Potter than bushcraft though isn't it? :)
  19. Dark Horse Dave

    One knot to bind them all.

    Yes that's the one Stew; anyone remember what it's called? (I'm still using and enjoying the Dave Budd blade you handled and sheathed for me a while ago by the way; really like it!)
  20. Dark Horse Dave

    One knot to bind them all.

    I dunno about the knot; I use a few regularly as appropriate to the purpose: bowline, tautline hitch, clove hitch, overhand & variations thereof, truckers hitch (quite a bit more recently), reef etc etc - you get the idea. Two knots which I most definitely don't use these days are those two Ray...