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  1. wildrover

    Marathon GSAR

    I do like a divers watch and quite fancy one of the Marathon GSAR divers watches. The new prices however are a bit steep!! Anybody know where I'd be able to get a preloved one? Had a look on ebay and the only ones available from the states with the corresponding outrageous customs fees!
  2. wildrover

    Swedish M90 Parka

    I'm after a Hooded Swedish M90 Parka (180/95). I know the hooded variety can be a bit difficult to find. I'd be grateful if anyone could point me towards someplace selling them. Cheers
  3. wildrover

    5.11 Striker Trouser Sizes

    I'm in the market for some new trousers and quite fancy the 5.11 Strykers Only thing is the sizing. I've read that they come up on the large size. I currently wear crag hopper Kiwis 34 waist regular length. Any advice from anyone who has them would be welcome.
  4. wildrover

    M73 Pouch

    I've just (finally) picked up a Francis Barker M73 Compass and reckon It should live a nice pooch. I quite like the 58/37 pattern ones that I have seen on e-bay. They do seem to go for good money though. So...has anyone found a good pouch from Max-P, Blackhawk or 5.11 etc that fits and...
  5. wildrover

    Alico telemark Boot Sizing

    Quite fancy giving the telemark skiing thing a go. Now I don't want to spend huge in case it's not for me. So I've noticed that a local surplus store has a fair few nearly/new Alico ski march boots for not much money. Problem is though, what size to get? I'm an 8 in a scarpa, 8/8.5 in an...
  6. wildrover

    Axe sharpening tutorial or video

    OK folks, I've had a GB SFA for ages and despite my best efforts in denial, I really should sharpen the thing. The edge isn't totally wasted, it does however, need a wee bit of TLC. So... The question is does anybody know of a decent vid of a how to sharpen using a GB puck like...
  7. wildrover

    Vapalux M320 Spirit Can

    So, I got a Vapalux M320 in the recent group buy.:cool: However there wasn't a meths can to prime the stove in the deal. This is no problem, as I am happy to get one myself. Now I have seen the "3 in 1" oil type cans on e-bay and I'm not to impressed tbh. Any body know where I can get a...
  8. wildrover

    Sass Smock

    For sale here... might be a bit of a bargain. no connection etc...
  9. wildrover

    Indian Food -OT

    Apologies in advance cos it's not at all bushy Ok, so I tried something new from the local Indian the other day. A Channa poori. Fantastic stuff. A slightly sweet(and sourish?) sauce with a slightly course texture serves in a paratha flat bread. Man, those chickpeas are totally...
  10. wildrover

    Kathmandu Treking Tarp

    So... I used to have a 2.5x2.5 Kathmandu Sil Nylon Tarp which was crazy lightweight and had a super small pack size. Fantastic bit of kit:cool: Only thing is I think I have lost it ( I can't find anyways):( So the question is are they still trading? I seem to remember that the guy who...
  11. wildrover

    Early Pattern Wilkinson Sword Survival Knives

    We all know the Wilkinson Sword Type D and Dartmoor knifes. However does anyone have any info. or pictures on the early pattern Wilky knives. I'm sure I saw pictures on here or it might have been BB (I've asked there as well). I have searched, but as yet no luck. Might have been...
  12. wildrover

    How thick are the handle slabs on the RM knives?

    I quite fancy doing a RM style kit from a well known maker:rolleyes: However, I've seen it stated recently that the slabs fitted/supplied might be a a bit on the thin side. I've also read that on the AW versions the handles are that wee bit thicker. So, can I ask some of you fortunate...
  13. wildrover

    Whitener Sachets

    I'm making up a wee brew kit to keep in my edc bag. I've seen loads of references to the sachets of whitener that you get in army rat packs. Anyone know where to get them without buying the full ration pack. I've thought about instant tea:yuck: but it could be in the bag for a while, so...
  14. wildrover

    Real Heros of Telemark - Aviemore

    So I've just watched Ray's " The Real Heros of Telemark " again. Excellent stuff. What I was wondering was, does anyone know the location of the disused huts near Aviemore that he visited? Now I'm aware that the SOE occupied 3 shooting lodges in the area (Drumintoul Lodge, Glenmore Lodge and...
  15. wildrover

    Sabre 45 in Khaki / Desert Tan

    Just noticed that the Sabre 45 is avaliable in Khaki/Desert Tan. I must say I quite like it. If I didn't already have a one in OG........:rolleyes: :D What do you think? For me it looks like a(maybe...
  16. wildrover

    K&M Matchsafe

    I keep missing these when they come up for sale.:( I don't suppose anyone has one they'd like to move on. ;) Apologies if this is in the wrong place.
  17. wildrover

    Jumbo Versipak Question

    OK, So I've just got a Maxp Jumbo with the Nalgene pocket. Now I vaguely recall reading that the pocket will take the litre bottle with a Snowpeak/Vargo/Alpkit Ti Mug on the bottom of the bottle. The question is will the pocket take the taller snowpeak 900 type mug? I normally use a...
  18. wildrover

    How toxic is Horses hoof fungus to handle

    Quick question. How toxic is horses hoof fungus? Don't worry I don't want to eat the stuff. Just maybe turn it into Ammadou. How careful do I need to be? What I'm thinking of is if I'm in the field and perhaps I don't have access to proper handwashing facilities. Am I correct in...
  19. wildrover

    Blizzard Bags

    I've seen mention of these for a wee while now and am considering one for my canoe safety/survival gear. Has anyone here actually got or used them? I have read that the Royal Marines, Army Air Corps and the RAF are now using them so I have no doubt they have been well tested. They look very...
  20. wildrover

    Ventile questions

    I'm almost at the point of ordering a SASS smock and have a couple of questions about the material. 1.What weight of ventile do they use? Is it L24 or one of the heavier versions. If it's L24 is it heavy enough? 2.How does the fabric actually compare to gaberdine? That is, not in...