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  1. mikeybear

    Safari Plans Sabotaged

    Hi We are currently in Tanzania , and were planning to go camping in Arusha and Tarangire national parks , Unfortunately the government here is having a price war on fuel with the oil companies so we cannot get any fuel to drive to the parks , never mind getting back. Was hoping to post some...
  2. mikeybear

    Tin cans as billy cans.

    Hi Is there a reason that people don't talk about / use tin cans on a fire as billy cans I often buy tinned tomato in 2 tins or 4 tin size and it strikes me that they would be quite useful as billy cans. MB
  3. mikeybear

    Boil in the bag Meals

    What is the best small container to use to reheat boil in the bag meals in; small billy cans and the crusader system seem a little small compared with the size of the boil in the bag pouches. Thanks MB