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  1. keen-edge

    how to add photos

    Hi fellas what do you use to add photos here I used to have photo bucket but had lots of problems with it is there another one or way I could use cheers ATB
  2. keen-edge

    Tarp seams

    Hi fellas what's the best seam to use for joining the two halves of canvas together to form the ridge seam any help would be cool want to have a go at making one so if there is anyone that's made one on a standard sewing machine and pics of tarp would be great fellas ATB Phil
  3. keen-edge

    Few custom Catapult builds

    hi fellas few builds from past month hope you like them all the resin scales were cast by me all frames cut by me from 10 and 12mm thick Ali cheers hope you like them
  4. keen-edge

    Green canvas custom catapult

    Hi fellas finished this one few days ago core is cut and shaped from 10mm thick Ali plate and fitted with my home made green canvas micarta bands are attached using a clip system that clamps the bands in place hope you like it ATB Phil.
  5. keen-edge

    Handmade custom catapult

    Hi fellas got this one finished i tapered the folks on this one core is cut from 10mm thick Ali plate and shaped its fitted with dark red acrylic scales and fitted with a clamp system for attaching the bands shoots spot on hope you like it ATB Phil
  6. keen-edge

    Custom Catapult

    Hi fellas just finished this one of my custom catapults I cut the core from 10mm Ali plate and fitted it with green Acrylic it also uses a clamp system to hold the bands in place hope you like it ATB Phil
  7. keen-edge


    Hi fellas just wondered on the KMG belt grinder how dose the main support arm attach to the two up rights is it welded or bolted as everything else seems like its bolted ? asking as want to build one :) any help
  8. keen-edge

    swap sea fishing tackle

    Hi fellas I have some sea fishing tackle to trade there's a boat rod 7ft a daiwa 12ft beach rod two reels and some tackle plastic tackle box would like to trade for a spinning rod set up if possible lures reel rod cheers
  9. keen-edge

    Whats this lot worth

    hi I am looking at swapping this for something but need to know what its worth any ideas fellas
  10. keen-edge

    Sloe berries

    Hi can anyone tell me if these are sloe berries and what they could be used for apart frim Gin ?
  11. keen-edge

    how to add video

    hi fellas what's the best way to add a video to a post I tried with photobucket but its not up loading my video is there another free program I could use cheers for any help
  12. keen-edge

    Swap stove

    Hi I have a self feed Alcohol stove to swap made it last year works very well I would like to swap it for a MSR Alpine Stowaway pot 475 ml or something of that size with lid folding handle would say the stove is worth around 28.00 I have made this short video of the stove in action notice the...
  13. keen-edge

    Swap Self feed stove

    Hi fellas I have for swap one of my little self feed stoves only used to test it was working as it should and dose very well I am looking for a 350ml Titanium mug with lid if you have such an item and would like to swap them let me know thank you this is the stove ready to go
  14. keen-edge

    OLD Rando 360 Stove Adaptor

    Hi fellas I found my old Rando 360 stove out other day I had put it away as could not get hold of any canisters for it as not made any more so had a go at making an adaptor for it and now the old stove back in use I love this little stove :)
  15. keen-edge

    Thread Size Help

    Hi fellas anyone know the thread size to the end fitting on these hoses cheers for any help
  16. keen-edge

    Two more stoves

    hi fellas just finished two more self feed stoves hope you like them ATB Phil.
  17. keen-edge

    Toaks Titanium Pot with Pan

    Hi fellas as anyone tried one of these was looking for a cooking pot with small frying pan any help cheers
  18. keen-edge

    SWAP self feed stove

    Hi Fellas I have for swaps one of my self feed alcohol stoves un used ready to go I am looking to swap it for a hand forged fire steel striker kit maybe one small enough to fit in a small Altoids tin if anyone as one to trade let me know ATB Phil.
  19. keen-edge

    Few More Stoves

    Hi fellas made a few more stoves hope you like them the longest burn time I have got from one is 50 minuets from a 50ml bottle of fuel :)
  20. keen-edge

    Mini Fishing Kit

    Hi fellas seen a lot of people making small fishing kits to go in there pack so thought I would have a go at making one for myself I am making it from brass and derlin I ran out of derlin so could not make the line spool but will order some to finish it off going to put a button compass in the...