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    Magnum Amazon Boots

    Yes please if they are still available. I'll send you a message.
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    Barbour Breathables Jacket

    I would like this if it's still available please. I can pay by bank transfer. Thanks, Glyn.
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    Your #1 Best 'Get Fit' Tip?

    Parkrun. Simple. Brilliant idea, it, amongst other things, motivated me to start running again after a gap of nearly ten years.
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    Lundhags or alternative.

    I used to love Lundhags but I've moved away from them now, no reason really just thinned out my boot mountain in favour of my Altberg Velthogs and Hanwag Alaskas. At one point I think I had four pairs of lundhags that were four different sizes and they all fitted me so, yes, the sizing does seem...
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    Bear Grylls "Britain's Biggest Adventures". Mountain Rescue are not impressed.

    Canoeing without a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, ice climbing without a helmet? Really? Does he just try to promote worst practice whenever possible? And why does he always cam his face up?
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    Recommend me some gaiters

    Another vote for OR Crocodiles, without a doubt the best gaiters available. No zip, step in design, high quality, various sizes, not stupidly expensive, what's not to like? I am on my second pair in about 15 years of hard use including beating and ice climbing, the first pair are still...
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    What tree is this?

    Holm Oak. Quercus ilex
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    Anyone know where to buy Lundhag boots in the UK.

    Penrith Survival had some of the range in stock the last time I was in which was about nine months ago. I would agree that you should try them on as the sizing is odd, I have three pairs in use at present, an 8, a 9 and a 10 and they all fit!
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    Cold Steel Finn Wolf

    I have one of these which I don't use but its not in new condition, I suspect that the sheath is rusty around the rivets and it will need a sharpen up. If you don't get offered a better example then you can have it for £20 plus a couple of quid for postage. If you want it I will have to post it...
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    Post Office Refusing to post PenKnife

    Don't get me started on the post office, our local one is guarded by two old battleaxes whose sole purpose in life seems to be to turn away as much business as possible and, if they really have to accept it, then make it as akward as possible.The funniest thing is they are joined on Saturdays by...
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    I'm upset and angry and I need to rant!

    This is not correct now (may have been when you were a lad, I have no idea how old you are), the circumstances under which a landowner (and certain other people) can shoot a dog are very limited and most sensible people realise that to do so must be an absolute last resort. Sadly, there are many...
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    What animals (wildlife) have you seen today?

    Water vole and stone curlew were the highlights of my visit to Minsmere today.
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    How to safely dispose of an old hand held flare ?

    There is a lot of conflicting advice here, much of it well out of date. This flare is what is known as a TEP (Time Expired Pyrotecnic), whilst most are in good condition and will work fine and be safe to store and transport, some are not and can be extreemly hazzardous particularly those...
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    travelling with military rucksack

    The only problem that I've ever had when travelling with a Berghaus Bergan is that airlines/airports are not keen on loose straps and buckles and will frequently give you a large, heavey duty plastic bag to put it in. I think this is purely from a practical point of view and that's fine by me as...
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    Seasonal park rangers vacancies - Scotland

    Balmoral are also advertising a seasonal post. (might be .com, not sure) Just checked, it is
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    A result at the tip!

    I took an old ice cream freezer from my shed to the tip, bloke said sorry, can't take it as it's commercial. I said how about if I peel the yellow stickers off so it's White, he said that's fine but don't do it on the premises. Took it a couple of hundred yards down the road and set about the...
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    roe deer

    As sika are herding deer they adapt well to being kept in parks or enclosures, even quite small ones. It's perfectly feasible to suggest that a small group of sika could have escaped from a park, almost all feral deer populations started this way with the exeption of a few deliberate releases...
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    roe deer

    The only deer spp in the UK that can interbreed are red and sika as they are both of the genus cervus. It's interesting that you say that you originally thought there were sika there, one thing that we teach students is to listen to your first impression then use the evidence to prove or...
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    roe deer

    Fair enough mate, I'd be interested to hear what the local experts have to say, be sure to show them the last photo of the spiker where you can see his rump and hind leg. Have you got a trail camera and is the area suitable for trail cam use? ie won't get stolen? Those British Deer Society...
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    roe deer

    Look at the dark black horseshoe surrounding the tail and see how it curves in rather than stopping higher up, also the White metatarsal gland on the hock (only visible in the photo of the spiker) and the prominent 'frown'. If you manage to get a closer look at the ears, you will see a black...