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  1. gonzo_the_great

    The Covid19 Thread

    I saw a graphic on the BBC news site the other day, to help people visualise 2mtrs separation. They had a drawing of someone holding a broom at arms length and the bristles touching another person. Now, I would love to see people carrying brooms en masse on the streets and ushering others away...
  2. gonzo_the_great

    I had better make a decision now...

    I had a converstion yesterday, with a friend who lives on a site that is under the non-residential planning laws. There was some confusion initially. His site owners said they would not throw anyone out untill they heard the legal position. But the next door site paniced and started shooing...
  3. gonzo_the_great

    USA Vs British Building Style

    As an aside, google for some documentary films from the 60's, about an archetect called Walter Segal. He came up with a building method, initially just for his own temporary house (whylst he was having a conventional house built), but it caught on. It was basically a stick and bean structure...
  4. gonzo_the_great

    A Chalwyn Restored

    I love the feeling of something rescue Really nice result there. I did a BAT lamp a while ago. Used a graphite type 'paint' on it. Came up geat though it can come off on your hands a bit when mauling it to refill etc. When doing the rust etching of parts that have an internal surface, I try to...
  5. gonzo_the_great

    Cereal - a bushcrafters staple?

    Back to the porridge from the start of this thread (I've only just read it....) One of the things that did work well when trying freezer bag cooking, was porridge. Made from oart, non of this instant freeze dried muck. Oats, powdered milk, some raisins and sugar. Measured to take one full cup...
  6. gonzo_the_great

    What is best for environmental reasons?

    Even if the EV technology becomes viable, there isn't the infrastructure to support it. We only just have the generation capacity for our current (pun) requirements. Changing over to EV is going to require the mass building of power stations which needs to be starting right now. And unless you...
  7. gonzo_the_great

    Polish lavvu video manual.

    Needs to include the lesson I learned at the weekend. Don't let your self inflating sleep may get under the edges of the lavvu, when you are readjusting the pegs..... Or you are in for an uncomforatble few nights!
  8. gonzo_the_great

    Advice on asbestos insulating board

    All understood. And the usual disclaimers to anyone else doing this! Was recently talking about disposal, with a friend. Who had just found a few sheets stashed behind his shed (at his newly brought house). And also half a dozen more that had been buried in a shallow grave. Advised him to bag...
  9. gonzo_the_great

    Advice on asbestos insulating board

    Paul_B It was my suggestion. The builder had already done the same job to the other two ajoining houses in the terrace. The roof tiles were very smooth and hard finish. And pretty much damp during the whole process. Moss on top, and slime on the underside. So I wasn't woried about doing the...
  10. gonzo_the_great

    Advice on asbestos insulating board

    I certainly would not drill or saw concrete loaded asbesdos. But is there really a big risk from surface dust? I had a contractor replace my roof a few years ago. Concrete loaded asbestos tiles. At the time, I could dispose of the tiles for free, but as trade, he would have been changed. So...
  11. gonzo_the_great

    Wilko's clothes poles/Polish Lavvu 'A' frame??

    I have a little slot together A frame, made from left over fibreglass tent poles (rescued from a bin at a festival). The top joint is a couple of bits of ali tube, flattened at the ends and a bolt/wingnut to make a slip joint.
  12. gonzo_the_great

    Polish poncho/laavu

    I added some zips to mine, on the main length and on the arms. It took a bit of work to get it to align so that the zips can be used to make a tent, or as two ponchos. Looking at the way it is built, it lookes (from memory) that the shoulder flaps should be on the inside. In tent or poncho use...
  13. gonzo_the_great

    Happy memories of Woolworths

    I was there for the last hours of our local store, which I remembered from childhood. I was back at the home town, visiting the folks, and happened to pop in to woolies to see what was marked down in the clearance. I was going through the kids school clothes, trying to find stuff of my daughters...
  14. gonzo_the_great


    If you are getting overrun? Have a word with the local airgunners. And see if they would like to come over and spend dark evenings mopping them up with some night vision/IR scopes. Get the job done without having to loose your own evenings.
  15. gonzo_the_great

    Wounded In Ration

    No-one mentioned the good old dentist's friend, the pork scratching. One of them cost me 5 visits to the dentist, and root canal work.
  16. gonzo_the_great

    It's Enormous and it's Coming Toward You!

    I don't think the British like grey squirrles. Full stop.
  17. gonzo_the_great

    Legality of living in a yurt in the UK...

    As far as I understand.... The caravan restriction is a local bylaw or a restrictive conenant on the property. As a caravan is a moveable item, there seems to be little that the couincils can do within the planning laws. As they really have better things to do that stake out your house, to prove...
  18. gonzo_the_great

    They're making it easier to diagnose Lyme disease..

    There is an interviewon the Fieldsports Britain YT channel, done at the British Shooting Show, over the weekend. One of the regular contributers was describing his problems with getting Lymes long ago and the struggle to get it diagnosed and treated. Well worth a listen, even if you have no...
  19. gonzo_the_great

    It's Enormous and it's Coming Toward You!

    The title gave me chilling flashbacks to the odd drunken times in seedy nightclubs.
  20. gonzo_the_great

    Legality of living in a yurt in the UK...

    An idea from far field.... Is there any possability of making up a moveable platform, notionally on wheels and jack the whole thing up onto it. (I can see it's a big structure, so a serious cradle would be req.) That may be an alternative to demolishing it, if it came to that. As it becomes...