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  1. jamin

    new axe shafts

    Hi guys I have been looking for some axe shafts and can't find any suitable online . Dose anyone know of a online supplier,l I don't have a e bay either. Looking for a 28" x2" and a 28" x 2 1/2" there for my scouts to fit and use. Cheers. Jamin
  2. jamin

    Elwell 7.5lb English felling axe.

    Look what i got guys!!
  3. jamin

    started making and fitting a ash axe shaft.

    my first shaft made. works well. got a bit of a ash hord going on and a back log of heads.
  4. jamin

    what are these

    i have found these at work, i asked 1 of the older guys he says he thinks its a"plank spade" but dosnt know what 1 of those is. we have 4 of them in a old pumping station. any ideas guys.
  5. jamin

    dad 50th pirthday present, help needed.

    howdy guys, in the look out for a present for the old fellas 50th. was thinking a nice leather belt but cant realy think of much else for the man who has everything. hes a outdoor'ie, shooter, tree surgeon type of guy. any sugestions apriciated. cheers guys.
  6. jamin

    a video of snow camping.

    hi thought be nice to share our weekend. the end part of the vid is a bit of a p take tho lol. also check out the other vids cheers.
  7. jamin

    cold game pie

    hi guys, anyone make game pies. but like pork pies to be served cold. got plenty of all sorts to chuck in but got some questions. do i cook the meat before putting into the 'hot lard pastery'(still need to have a look into making that) what do people use for the jelly. read probly too many posh...
  8. jamin

    dose anyone know were to get tanning oil from

    i have dryed a few deer skins now rock hard. some 1 has said about tanning oil, whats your views. cheers
  9. jamin

    different hammock companies??

    looking for something new, but not sure what. i have a dd travel hammock. found uk hammocks and considering the woodsman hammock. but what else is out there. uk companies ?? cheers guys.
  10. jamin

    a bodged ray mears knife.

    hi, i have been asked by my freind to sharpen his ray mears knife. it looks in quite bad shape and that he has had a go at sharpening it before. the bevle is fine on it but looks lie there is like a micro bevle been put on it. i have been trying to get this out of it on my wet stone but it dosnt...
  11. jamin

    christmas present for my dad.

    hi guys, im wanting to get my dad a knife for christmas but i cant decide which 1. so far i havea in my list *condor bushcraft mini *svord phesant...
  12. jamin

    high tech axe

    been playing with this bad boy. did 2 box's full in about a hour.:)
  13. jamin

    what is the world becoming

    i was helping a fellow scout leader with his 1st camp with his group this weekend on a scout campsite. we went out for a hour to do a river crossing with the kids, came back to find the tents had been slashed. new vango's with aproz 18" holes in them. it boils my blood. can you get tent patches...
  14. jamin

    which AAA baterys are the best

    having bought a led lenser p7 torch im wanting to get some good baterys to keep the power and range. cheers
  15. jamin

    my new axe well new to me

    my dad salavaged it from his works sheds just laying there.he said one upon a time it was used in making the slouse gates on rivers. going to give it a clean up. it is still sharp after about 30 years of no use.
  16. jamin

    deer hide

    hi. i have just got a hide from my boss which he shot the other day. was wondering which is the best way to deal with it. im going to clean it up tommorow and salt it. what else. cheers
  17. jamin

    dose anyone use snow chains

    just been looking as could do with extra traction. been stuck on the drive for 2 days. finaly got 2 the farm using the fiesta as a snow plow before i could get to the sheds been looking at these.
  18. jamin

    dutch oven mods??

    has anyone cut the feet off a dutch oven. as ive been thinking about it for a while. also has anyone else done anything to there dutchi
  19. jamin

    how do you get into your sleeping bag when in your hammock

    i have had a go at getting in the sleeping bag 1st then getting in. getting in my sleeping bag was a bit hard while all ready in the hammock. has anyone got any tips? cheers ben
  20. jamin

    walnuts advice

    there is a walnut tree on the farm and i was talking to the boss's mum who said they are supposed to be picked on july 12th and that she was going to pickle them. :confused: what do you do with them or do you have to dry them to eat them. ? any advice welcome. thanks. jamin