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    Lewis Hamilton

    Just watched him on BBC news. Great driver. But is he believing his own publicity too much? First the ear studs. Now the bulldog. Has he caught Christopher Livingstone Eubanks Syndrome? (Just musings of an old fart)
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    Permethrin powder on mites?

    Bought a surplus down sleeping bag and noticed yesterday small "mites" on the head end They look like tiny specks of dandruff but move on the fabric. I propose a good dusting of Permethrin but wondered if others had noticed the little buggers on surplus and what they did to eradicate the...
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    Tatonka Stainless Steel flame adjuster

    Does anyone have any practical experience of using the Tatonka flame adjuster for a meths stove with the Trangia burner. Specifically does the one fit on the other? I have plenty of Trangia burners but want better simmer control which the Tatonka meths burner might offer. Alan
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    I have a flag I hang when at meets. I know its not everyone's cup of tea (should that apostrophe be there?). I just received this from Devil Woman Flags and have it as my new avatar. Alan
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    WANTED: small size Nite Ize figure 9

    Does anyone have a single (or perhaps two) small size Nite Ize figure 9's they no longer need and want to sell or swap with me? I have changed my tarp and I am now just one short for guying it out. I use these to avoid tying knots with my dodgy hands. Thanks for looking Alan
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    Hammock or small hill

    I just discovered that a 'hammock' can mean a hammock which I use to camp in as well as 'a small natural hill' on which I sometimes camp! Hammock as in hill is not a word I've heard before. Anyway I suspect there are a fair few hammockateers © on the forum and whether a sub forum might be worth...
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    Spare RIBZS

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Bought new in December 2011 in the then new design. Used three times only. Alpine green. Excellent condition. Yours for £20 posted to UK address. If interested post here first then PM me. Thanks for looking. Alan
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    UK Hammocks

    I've now bought several things from UK Hammocks over the last year or so. I've always been pleased with the quality of their products. This week I placed an order for an EDC Hammock with a request to receive it in time to use this weekend. Sure enough the parcel was waiting for me tonight when I...
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    What does a snow brush look like?

    I've seen in several threads on cold environments and wanted to see what the essential snow brush looks like?
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    IPhone App to read this site

    As the title says. I have ForumRunner on my iPhone3 which I use to read Song of the Paddle and BushcraftUSA sucessfully. But it doesn't work with this site. Is there another 'app' I can use to do sowhich works with the Apple system? Personal practical advice is appreciated rather than Android...
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    Coleman Camp Oven cooking

    I have just won a Coleman Camp Oven on ebay after several attempts. Does anyone else have one and who cares to pass on any good recipes and/or tips. I'm looking forward to trying it out on my woodburner, if the weather is as forecast. Bread is first on my list. But then what? Alan
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    Mangled and abused words and phrases

    I just read and contributed to a thread on YouTube rubbish and it started me thinking about words and phrases which by being mangled and/or abused in everyday language or speech. (NOTE: This thread is not about incorrect spelling although personally this does irritate me too). I set out two...
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    Nanok Endurance Sleeping Bags

    I have for sale one each of these: a) Nanok Endurance -10C sleeping bag in green in very good order no rips or tears. Foot box liner present and with a compression bag. Used about one...
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    Hand drill fitting or scotch augur fitting

    Can anyone tell me if such athing exists? I have a hand powered drill which I keep with my canoe for repairs but it occured to me the scotch augur type of handle arrangement is the least bulky - fit with stick on site. BUT this will entail getting all scotch eyed drill bits which I don't have...
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    Norgie Container users.

    I know several members use Norgie containers as cool boxes. I do and freeze food in lock and lock boxes and cool the Norgie with ice, pack the food and fill space around boxes with ice. My method has two problems: 1) the boxes have dead space which eats into the Norgie's capacity and therefore...
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    Contigo (Avex) 100% drip free thermal mug

    Following a recent canoe trip to Loch Sunart where my friend used a cheap insulated mug like this: But the base is narrow in order to...
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    Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme

    Does anyone have or has had one of these? I am still contemplating a fleece liner to use with my Nanok for additional warmth. It seems to be a top entry whereas my Nanoks are side enrties. Please discuss:)
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    Crusader Cook Set

    The Kit, most of which is used, comprises:- Crusader Burner base - used good order. Silver metal mug with graduations. Some soot on outside see photo. Black osprey canteen - good used order. Black plastic mug - hardly used. Transparent plastic - lid as new. Metal cup hanger fits metal...
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    2010 Honey Stove and Hive Expansion kit

    SOLD [B]Honey Stove and Hive Expansion Kit with pouch. Bought in 2010 and little used see photo of worst side panel and as new burner plate. Guaranteed fully serviceable or full refund! In fact the Hive expansion kit has not been fired up see photo. £39 to include PayPal fees and delivery to...
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    Sierra Designs Grip Clips

    Can some kind person provide a link to a UK supplier of these? :- I can find them in the US but getting delivered to UK racks up price considerably. Alan 1. Looking for the smaller size ones preferrably. 2. Have Klingons for fixing to...