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  1. alpha_centaur


    How many people on here can actually hear bats? I'm one of the lucky people that can. On the downside it also means that I can hear rodent/cat/dog ned deterrants.
  2. alpha_centaur

    Camping south of the Scottish Border

    This is purely a hypothetical thread. I have no real intention of camping in England as its much simpler in Scotland In this scenario if you camp / bushcraft in England without permission, assuming that you get caught. What would actually happen to you bar getting told to "gerrof ma grun".
  3. alpha_centaur

    Norway v's German Backpacks

    I'm trying to make up my mind between either a Norwegian Army vintage pack or A New German Army Mountain Rucksack I'm not so sure...
  4. alpha_centaur

    Anybody own a Vango Spectre 200 or 300

    Can somebody who owns a Vango Spectre 200 or 300 tell me if the pegs that come with it are steel or alloy. Many Thanks as always
  5. alpha_centaur

    Bay wood for spoons

    Started whittling the other night and somehow ended up with a baby sized spoon. My sister has spotted it and wants it for her kid. Is bay tree wood ok to use for eating utensils or should I now go and carve another?
  6. alpha_centaur

    Japanese Waterstones Question

    I'm finally taking the plunge and investing in a set of japanese Waterstones: I'm thinking of getting them from Axminster and of buying the 1000/6000 combo stone along with a nagura stone. Or is there somewhere else thats better to buy them from? Also Is it worth also buying the Non-skid...
  7. alpha_centaur

    Mazda Bongo / Ford Freda

    I know a few people on here have Bongos or Freda's. I've read varying reports of fuel consumption ranging from 20 - 55 mpg for the diesels, can anybody give me a genuine idea as to what the approx consumption of these vehicles are. TIA
  8. alpha_centaur

    Ski touring with huskies (offered by KE Adventure)

    Saw this on their website and thought somebody here would be interested (no links to the company)
  9. alpha_centaur

    Mora 150 mm filleting knife

    Hi does anybody have and use one of these and if so what do you think of them? Or could I spend my £12.95 on a better fillleting knife?
  10. alpha_centaur

    Looking for Refillable squeese tubes

    Does anbody know where I can get Coughlans squeeze tubes, or similar, in the Uk? I can find lot of sites in the states that sell them but not in the uk.
  11. alpha_centaur


    On another thread on this site a reference was made to lobsterpots. Does anybody know if there any laws about putting out a pot or two from the beach at low tide to see if I get anything?
  12. alpha_centaur

    Bird? Calls

    The last couple of nights when I've been out walking the dog, I've been hearing this weird sound/call that I think is a bird. Location: Coastal / Machair, West Coast of Scotland Time: Dusk Sound: It sounds something like the noise that a ruler makes when you vibrateded it off the edge of a...
  13. alpha_centaur

    Puritabs in MRE'S

  14. alpha_centaur

    Puritabs in MRE'S

    I've aquired some puritabs from MRE's but there's no instructions with them. Has anybody got any idea how much water one will purify?
  15. alpha_centaur


    I keep coming accross posts where people have happened to have superglue in there kits when out and about, but why do you carry it in the first place, its not something I've ever felt the need to carry. In saying that I've heard about using superglue to fix wounds but have no idea how you...
  16. alpha_centaur


    I'm heading down to Cheshire next week (aston, nantwich) and hopefully I should have free half or full day to go for a bimble any suggestions where? Ideally within about half an hours drive. At the moment I'm either thinking dinas bran near Langollen or Church Stretton but I've been to...
  17. alpha_centaur

    Tamarak outdoors

    In a previous post somebody mentioned that tamarak did a discount for full bushcraftuk members. Can anybody tell me what level of discount it is, or if there's a list of stores that give a discount. I'm going to become a full member here anyway as I've been on the site so long that I think...
  18. alpha_centaur

    Base Layers

    I've decided that its time to get myself a couple of nice merino base layers. I've been using synthetic endura ones on the mountain bike but as they're getting on a bit I think its time to invest in some new general purpose multi use base layers. So they must be merino and reasonably priced...
  19. alpha_centaur

    £25 merino base layer

    Has anybody tried one of these from this company?
  20. alpha_centaur


    I'm heading over to the Isle of Arran tomorrow, but fancy a change from the usual spot. I'd prefer deciduous woodland suitable for a ground dweller, any suggestions guys. :You_Rock_