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  1. Blundstoned Love

    Elderberries - toxicity

    Hi I gathered a load of elderberries recently and stuck them in some vodka. Then I was reading about their toxicity and that they should be cooked before eaten. Will steeping in vodka have the same nullifying effect, or have I just created poisonous vodka?
  2. Blundstoned Love

    Cheap brass

    Hi all Any hints on where to get cheap brass, or brass that can be repurposed? I want a piece 70mmx20mmx10mm and I don't want to buy a piece of bar stock. I'm betting someone on here has the answer. Thanks
  3. Blundstoned Love

    Leather Sofa Patch

    Hi all We have a leather sofa. It's very much of the lived in/distressed variety. One of the cushions has developed a wear hole along a crease. The leather around it is still quite thick so I think if I glue a leather patch to the reverse it will all be fine and will stop the hole getting...
  4. Blundstoned Love

    Special Light

    "You don’t wear a badge that says I’m into bushcraft, it’s invisible – except for the special light that’s in the person’s eyes." Quote from here. Do you have a special light?
  5. Blundstoned Love

    Small scissors/snips

    Hi I'm after a small pair of scissors - preferably part of a multi tool, but where they are the main act - like a Leatherman Micra or Gerber Eclipse. I don't want just folding scissors. Has anyone seen anything like that? Knock off versions of aforesaid tools considered. Thanks
  6. Blundstoned Love

    Scottish fishing advice.

    Hi In June I am going on a canoe trip through the Highland Great Glen and the entire length of Loch Ness. What are the rules about fishing from the canoe and fishing from the shore? Thanks
  7. Blundstoned Love

    Dyeing Leather without dye.

    As the title suggests, is there a way of dying leather other than using shop-bought leather dyes?
  8. Blundstoned Love

    Or Superglue a compass to your hand?

    How to always find north. Item number 5 here and on the radio tonight here
  9. Blundstoned Love

    Hermit wanted

    Some days this would really be my idea of heaven. LOL
  10. Blundstoned Love

    Early Ray Mears clip

    On today's Saturday Kitchen. It's at about the 58.34 mark. How young does he look!!
  11. Blundstoned Love

    Plantar fasciatus

    Has anyone any experience of this condition and remedying it? Thanks
  12. Blundstoned Love

    Beaver Fever This story made me laugh. Some pictures of the damage would have been good, but online journalists are rubbish. I suspect that it's human beavers. That came out wrong - you know what I mean.
  13. Blundstoned Love

    Words fail me.
  14. Blundstoned Love

    DIY Brass Pins

    I'm sure this has been asked before. And at the risk of getting a slew of comments along the lines of "A piece of brass rod". Can I ask is there something that people have repurposed/cannibalised to make brass pins for knives? Basically I want a couple of brass pins and don't want to go...
  15. Blundstoned Love

    No Sew Leather Knife Sheath

    Found this whilst lurking on Bushcraft USA - neat idea
  16. Blundstoned Love

    Knife Making - Bo Bergman

  17. Blundstoned Love

    Help - new Jacket required

    Hi All I'm hoping the power of the BCUK collective can help. I want a waterproof jacket - ideally goretex. I'm not bothered whether plain or camo. The main thing is that it needs to be cheap. I seem to recall some ex RAF ones mentioned on here a while back, but can't find a link...
  18. Blundstoned Love


    Came across this. Kit supplier - all to raise money for Armed Forces charities apparently.
  19. Blundstoned Love

    Ray Mear - Countryfile Live

    Mears even 5th August
  20. Blundstoned Love

    Advice needed - flattening nylon webbing.

    I've got some nylon webbing that I'm re-using on a project. It has some kinks in it from it's previous role. Any suggestions on how to flatten it out? Normally I'd iron fabric, but am worried about damaging it - even if I started low and gradually increased the heat. Thanks