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  1. savagebushcraft

    Quick Question About Stencils

    Hi guys n girls. Hope this is in the right place. Does anyone here make electro etching stencils for makers marks, or has anyone got any information on a UK based company that can make customer designed etching stencils. Thanks in advance Adam
  2. savagebushcraft

    FOR SALE Large Bush/Survival Knife

    NOW SOLD Here I have a large bushcraft/survival knife and Kydex sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 3/16" O1 Blade 165mm (6 1/2") Blade, 295mm (11 3/4") Overall 24º Scandi grind Olive Drab Micarta Scales 0.8mm High Impact Liners (Black) Alloy pins and lanyard tube Crisp 90º on spine...
  3. savagebushcraft

    A Few Days In Devon : 11th - 13th November (pic heavy)

    After the cancellation of a local meet, Ivan and I decided to test out a couple of new sites in Devon. I met up with Ivan and Mongoose13 (aka: Katie, Ivan's mini crafter) in the south east Devon area, then headed to camp number 1. Our first port of call was Andy Bruce's woods, which is...
  4. savagebushcraft

    Walnut Burr Handled Bushcraft Knife, With Leather Sheath

    Sold - Funds Received Here I have a walnut burr handled bushcraft knife and leather sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 5/32 O1 blade 100mm blade (215mm overall) 20º Scandi grind 10 year seasoned walnut burr scales 0.5mm brass liner Stainless and brass mosaic pins and lanyard tube...
  5. savagebushcraft

    Woodsmoke Warmup Weekend

    Here's some quick videos, of this last weekends "warmup" for the next Dartmoor meet, Dartmoor 4 : "Return of The Woodsmoke" First installment...
  6. savagebushcraft

    Shiny New Bush Blade

    I have just finished knife number three. Blade supplied by Savagewolfrm, home made Micarta paper liners (red), olive drab Micarta scales and black high impact liners (supplied by Wood and Knife Supplies. End of last week I received my shiny new blank, from Rick (savagewolfrm), and started work...
  7. savagebushcraft

    Miniature Aluminium Alcohol Stove

    I noticed some aluminium bottled, pump spray applicators, in Poundland, so decided to make a miniature version of the good old aluminium bottle alcohol stove. The bottles are pretty much the same design, but around half the diameter. Here are the steps, for those no aware of the...
  8. savagebushcraft

    Wet Weather Fire Lighting

    Today I went out to one of my locals, that is being worked (clearing trees), for a spot of wet weather fire lighting. The only thing I used to light the fire, that I didn't find in the wood itself, was a Web-Tex steel of fire. The tinder, kindling and fuel, all came from the surroundings. The...
  9. savagebushcraft

    My new website

    Hi all. Been pottering about with my own site for a few weeks, but I think I have hit a wall. I'd appreciate any visitors and advice on the whole thing. Your feedback would be of great use to me. Many thanks and regards. Adam
  10. savagebushcraft

    First And Second Knife Projects (pic heavy)

    Hi all. I recently made my first knife, from an old file. Not the best file to start from, as it was nearly 1/4 inch thick and finished at 5mm. Good for splitting with a baton though lol. After this I decided to try and hone my knife making a little, by making a second from more manageable...
  11. savagebushcraft

    This just in...

    Approximately thirty minutes ago, at 12:00 GMT, I received word from the United States Department of Defence (USDOD) regarding the whereabouts of Ivan, aka Mick Sturbs, codename: sleepy weasel. The following images where captured by a combination of torpedo boat (using high power, telephoto...
  12. savagebushcraft

    Classified venue

    I have obtained access to a new site in the midlands, that can camp a small group (up to 10) at pretty much any time of the year with a couple weeks notice. Larger groups may be possible with longer notice for "organised" events. The landowner wishes to keep the location on a need to know basis...
  13. savagebushcraft

    Hello All, from Northants

    Hi there, I'm Adam. Have been reccomended to this site by a friend, and glad to see all the useful info posted. Heading down to Dartmoor this weekend to Ivan's place so hope to see some of you there. I spent last weekend there as part of a planned three day trek across the moor, but sadly the...